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December 12, 2005



OMG HOW FUNNY! Oh, I know from what you speak! MUST HAVE THE FENCE! There was a time I had the fences on upstairs, downstairs, basement stairs, kitchen, front door, OMG...can you tell my ds was all over?! Ahhhh, hopefully this will be your last fence. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL.

Vicki B

Yeah baby!!! That lense ROCKS!!!! Great idea BTW!!!!


you know i actually nailed my tree to the floor this year because thomas has knocked it down every year, right? so far andy and i are winning this year's tree war!


ok, i obviously need your lens! LOL can you give me the details please? love this gate too. so much classier than the plastic ones in the store.

tracy whitney


kelly edgerton

GREAT PHOTO! And, the fence: Brilliant!


ok...where did you get that fence?? my tree is now only decorated on the top half...lol...i have a one and a half year old...ugggg...best of luck to you! :)



Yeah, we considered the fence... I figured I'll take my chances! Hahaha. Philip is a huge climber. So far, though, he's just stared at the tree in awe. (Knock on wood)

I think we'll be taking it down the day after Christmas, though, just to avoid the stress.


lololol that fence is to funny, great tree though!



Awesome picture and have done the fence route before

Kim Kesti

Yeppers, looking good, girl. It's definitely better than some of the things I've seen; never forget the year my girlfriend plopped her tree in the playpen. Eek! BTW, love the lens...gotta get me one of those quick-like.
Kim Kesti

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime)

Love the new avatarish picture on your blog!!

OH MAN, your tree looks incredible and great idea for the gate. UMM, I think I NEED that lens! LOL


Wow, the fence is cute! Who would have thought you could build a barrier and make it so attractive. You need to sell these on e-bay.

Teresa Wilkins

I love your fence! I have a fence around my tree too. It is a picket fence that my father-in-law made to go around their tree when my husband was a todddler...he's 53 now! I was presented with the fence 10 years ago when I took over the family Christmas day celebration. My MIL is no longer with us but to this day I am thankful for her trusting me with the "family" fence. Merry Christmas.

Steph (karlslove)

so love your fence...although I think ours would have had to be taller to keep Walker from scaling it...so we decided to put it up in the loft.

Hey, did you get the 1.8 lens? Karl just ordered it last night with some Christmas money we received. Do you love it? well I can tell you love it just from looking at the pictures....so that's a silly question. Ooh, I hope it is the same lens we're getting. I cannot wait to play!

Wanda E. Santiago

I need that lense I really do!! You guys are very smart!! Hugs Wanda

Amy B--perumbula

ooh I love that lens. I did almost an entire photo shoot today using just that lens.

you are so smart thinking of a fence. we just do a short tree on a table


I love my 50mm lens....and that fence is such a great idea! I need one to keep my darn DOG out of the tree! LOL


How stinkin' funny is that fence... although I think it needs baby proof lights on it LOL!
And I'm green with lens envy.


Now *that* is SMART! And I am in loooooove with the green you have your walls painted!


I asked for that lens for Christmas! Well, actually, my first choice would be the 85mm, but it's a lot more expensive, even with the double Nikon rebate, so I'll be happy with the 50mm. Love the fence! Love the photo! Love the ingenuity of outsmarting the 9-month-old!


That is too cute!

When my boys were your kids' ages, we actually put our tree inside of our playpen! It worked out great. The could stand all around it and look, but couldn't touch!

Dianne Barlow

Where can I get the fence made for the exmas tree indoors?

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