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December 05, 2005



I am laughing out loud by myself over here. Thanks for sharing! Hilarious!


That sounds like something I would do- That Goodness it's not 'only me'' !


oh Sharyn~ That is too funny! Thanks for making me smile/laugh tonight!

Shannon Snyder

That is a great scrapbook page! Great writing...and hilarious!


ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Angi B

hilarious entry! i can totally see myself doing this, but my hubby wouldn't be laughing, he'd by shaking his head. (daughter's the same way)

btw, i was browsing through your christmas journal. very cool idea to use that ledger book. love what you've done so far. the pages with the stamps are very cool. gotta scrap lift that one : )


ohmygosh, Sharyn... that is just too funny. I'm so sorry you had a chocolate milk container stuck to your lip. I have done simlar things -- glad to know it's not only me and I'm in good company :)


Heidi (plualum)

I'm laughing out loud over here...with you, really, it is WITH you! I could just see me doing something just like that. Great story!

Barb H.

I just spit out my coffee laughing. That crap happens to me too, Torm!


You know I don't like to know about those things you do while you're driving!!!

Linda J

Thank you for starting my day off with a great big chuckle!!! :)


ooooooooooh my. choking on my oatmeal...

Nicky Foley

Kindred spirits...that's what we are. My dh says I'm an accident waiting to happen. Keeps life interesting...at least for the people who observe the klutziness.


Kelly Edgerton

*SNORT* the apple does not fall far from the tree, that's for sure. Bummer about your lip, but good about the safe driving.


yes, my dear... only to you. i think you could write a best seller with things such as this. you and the milk, your daughter and the gatorade - and how could we forget the truffle lady? ;)

Steph (karlslove)

I need to go clean off my computer monitor now...I just spewed Dt. Mtn Dew everywhere :)


I have that kid, too! He can give himself a lip hicky by doing that vacuum suction thing with plastic cups or bottles. Funny, funny stuff! Hey maybe one of those camera traffic enforcer things caught you on film and you're currently entertaining the traffic cops and brightening their holidays! See? Silver lining to near-death experience at the hands of demonic chocolate milk container! Thanks for the laugh!


Oh MY! This is one of the funniest things I've heard in a looooooong time! : ) I think the visual of your daughter is even funnier!!



I am so sorry but LMAO I have had similar problems myself glad it isn't only me.


Oh I hear your pain. I never did know that a milk jug could be so dangerous! WOW!


Oh my gosh!!!!! You are too funny!!!!! And I used to think those things only happened to me...

sherry steveson

*oh my*... what else is there to say?
THanks for the laugh!





Amy B--perumbula

ROFLOL!!! SHaryn, that is so hilarious. btw, next time, but the little bottle with a screw off top ;)

Amy B--perumbula

buy the bottle. yeeesh. I need more sleep


OMG Torm...that is just too much!!!!! I will forever think of you when I get a chocolate milk!!!! :)


Lips and nips!!!


tears coming down my face...

... sorry

...just... too ... funny!

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