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January 10, 2006



oh girl... I feel your pain.. not a good thing

Your last comment made me almost choke! LOL!


lolololol nr 4! what were you thinking girl, I am so glad I decided to stick with two, lol.



OH Sharyn!! LOL about #4, but I'm right there with ya!! (not #4..lol)How old is Brian again? I forgot...My Brendan will be 7mths this month! He got some Zyrtec last night and slept ALL FREAKIN night!! from 930 to 7am!! WOWSERS!! and He will be on this zyrtec for a while...so sleep will finally come to my house!! I wish you the best on the sleep((((HUGS))) =)


You crack me up. #4 OMW!


Oh my gosh... you have me dyin' here! ;) I could just picture that whole scene.

Hugs to you... it'll get better... it has to, right? ;)


Ah! This is way too funny! Well, not really but at the same time... totally can relate :) Hope your day is better!


Flashback of 4 1/2 years ago! I feel for you...hang in there...we have been there...we finally got one of those fish night lights things that hooked to the edge of the bed...played music softly and lite up the ceiling with dancing fish...we would slip in, turn it on, tuck his Nee Nee blanket up close to him with the satin edge and he would stop crying and softly slip back into sleep...

disclaimer though....we did have to turn it on MANY times for the first few nights...and it sucks up batteries like there is no tomorrow...ahhhh but it WORKED! ;)

Best of luck girl...I feel your pain!!

kelly edgerton

YIKES! What a night you had. Regarding #4, all I can say is you sure make cute kids. Personally, I vote for #4. But then, I don't have to endure #1's training. About that tooth fairy - there were many occasions when she forgot our address too. She must have been busy last night. (ya think?)

Janet O

Hey...my fourth is my easiest child! Bwaaaahahahaha!!!


Yikes... saved by the bell! :)

You are a stronger woman than I... I slept with the babies and nursed them to sleep 'til they were about 11 months old 'cause I couldn't deal with the thought of dragging myself into another room to deal with weeping several times a night...

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful number 4 sounds divine!! Sorry you had such a rough night!! Check out my blog and let me know what you think! PS why didn't the tooth fairy come! Hugs Wanda


I hate nights like that.


You know? I coulda done without the last visual. I'm going to ban your blog for a few days...

Amy B.

your last line was seriously the funniest thing I've read on your blog. good luck getting #1 retrained. ;)


ROFLMBO!!!!!!! I am crying I am laughing so hard at your last line - hahahahahaha!!! That's how we got Andrew. :O


I thought it was upsetting when I found out my mom and dad did that - sheesh!


would you please post warnings before those concluding sentences that cause us to spew on the keyboard!!! ROTFLOL!! course, i'm not laughing at you...just with you darling! hope tonight is better.

Steph (karlslove)

yeah, totally spit dt mtn dew out the nose on that last sentence :)

Mary Ellen

Thanks for the tremendous laugh, Sharyn. But maybe give us coffee drinkers a heads up next time. :)

Linda J

Your sense of humor is such a delight! I really got a huge chuckle from this one. Thanks from bringing a smile to my day Sharyn.:)


Ooooooh, goodness!!!!! : ) At least you can laugh about it this morning, right??!!! You're so funny!!


i'd say you dodged THAT bullet BIG TIME!


OMGoodness, you had me PIMP! Nights like that are never fun and take away those rosy glasses for a bit!

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