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January 09, 2006



Well girl, I am not sure exactly what happen to you and that doesn't matter. The fact that you are hurting and upset, Well, that upsets me. Personally I totally love your spirit on your blog. I love the fact that you are a real person!!! You talk about real life and that's cool. Usually when something hurtful happens (I don't mean to be corny) but it's the dark side, the devil shall I say working his wicked ways, don't let him get to you. Keep your head up, walk proud and don't let other people's clouds get in your blue sky. Your a Good Person. I say this because of all your wonderful stories. I started reading your blog around the time your husband had trouble with the tire on the jeep. "You Rock Girl"

kelly edgerton

Well now... that *was* deep. But the thing about this entry, is that it is also YOU through and through. In addition, it is written with sincerity, honesty, and from the heart. Which are the exact reasons I not only admire and respect you, but also consider myself blessed to call you my friend. Sharyn, I just adore you, and nothing - not one thing - could ever change that. Gotta love the ABBA, very good for deep thoughts and soul searching.


torm, you've got character, class, and charisma.
i love that about you :)

Amy B.

Sharyn, I'm sorry someone hurt you this week. I'm shocked that anyone would question who you are as a person. I've always found you to be open and honest in everything you do. I would never question your motives if you praised one of my layouts ;)


If you make decisions that make you smile when you crawl into bed at night and sleep well because you know you did the right thing, then you are being true to your own character. If people question that, then it's either a) a misunderstanding or b) different values of character. Although sometimes it's easy to feel frustrated about those two things, you have to come back to the fact that you are true to yourself and your *own* values. You cannot expect everyone to understand you. But if you understand yourself? Truly and deeply? You should feel immense peace with that. Don't let the others get you down. You are very loved!

I love the fact that you bounce to music. I do it at work with my headphones on and get teased for it. I *hate* that but I can't help myself!! I'll think of you the next time someone makes a comment. :)


Sharyn, I am sorry you are feeling down. Character is a tough thing at times especially on the net to gage. Sadly, sometimes I have found it is a tough thing to gage in everyday life as well. It is truly a shame that you missed an opportunity-based on this instance that happened to you. I am just getting to know *you* and I respect your character-not many "customers" would email me to ask about something like you did last week and for that Kevin and I are grateful. True signs of character sometimes become apparent after the ebb and flow of a relationship evolves-sad but true. That someone who is a "name" in the industry has to be on the lookout on whether they are being "used" to get ahead or for a genuine thing really makes me sad. Just keep being you and your true character will shine through in all that you do! Sorry for the ramble-I couldn't resist telling you my thoughts on this. Thanks for the deep post-this morning Sharyn. Take care and see you soon. Kelley


Sharyn - I'm sorry that you're hurting. I just have to ditto what Jessie said. I feel the same way. The internet is a tough thing sometimes - tough to interpret and read things often, because we hear them in "our" voice, and not necessarily the person who wrote it. Things get misconstrued and people get hurt...and that stinks. ((HUGS)) to you.


wow - a very insightful post. You don't know me from a hole in the wall, but I enjoy reading your blog (through 2peas) because it is sincere, honest, and shows that you are a good person! Have a great day!


Call me a cynical east coaster, but none of that surprises me. It IS sad. Keep on keepin' on, Sharyn. You're about as sincere and honest as they come... at least that's MY interpretation based on your words in this blog. Don't let anyone cause you to doubt that. What's important is YOU know who you are and what you mean and what your intentions are. : )



Well I think you are great and I always love your post on 2 peas! I can understand it that it hurts when people think differently/ keep your chin up, you know who you are and that is what counts.


sherry steveson


*I'm the ONLY stalker.... er friend you need!* *wink*

OH and I have a GREAT pair of ears!! I promise!
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen

Kim Kesti

Truly awesome post today, Torm. Especially in light of what happened in the Pub today. Some people, like you, are hurt unnecessarily, and other's will walk around with no retribution; which pretty much sucks. But, we have to keep on keeping on. (hugs).

Kim Kesti


you are the real thing sharyn. there's no denying that. thank you for your enlightening reminder of how we all need to walk around this internet world.

and as if you weren't already my hero....i too am an ABBA lover. know all the songs, my kids know the songs, i've seen mama mia....the works.

for the record: this post was made sincerely and without any hope for future gain when you become a famous HOFer and have companies banging down your door to design for them. thank you.


I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I've always considered you to be a person with good values. I've admired that in you. Just remember that you have had a positive impact on my life and I bet you didn't even know it! You never know who's watching... LOL! but not like a stalker kind of watching!!!!!

Dana (Married to a UP'er)



I do not know what happened but my heart aches for you. I can honestly say that I know you and I know!! you are honest and true... simply not a fake bone in your body. You could not be dishonest if you tried!!!

You would never use anyone! You would never hurt anyone! You are as straight as they come!! Because the word "straight" stuck out in my mind...I refered to the dictonary.. it said:
Staight- not deviating from the proper or correct course. THAT IS YOU!!

I am honored to know you! I am proud to call you


and ditto what Kim Kesti said..we are not saying this for future gain when you make it BIG!

Steph (karlslove)

well heck now you have me thinking. And worrying about my posts on big name blogs and layouts. I hate having to worry how I am perceived, and what my motives are.


Hi Torm - I'm Jennifer (shutterbug73)...You seem very nice and caring to me. I like that :) Love the lyrics you shared too.

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