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January 06, 2006



How Cute!!


Ohhh. Great pictures, and I love the captions. Have fun chewing, Brian.


Tooooooooooo cute!!!!

Heidi (plualum)

These are precious!

Julia David

oh my gosh TOOOOOOORRRRRM. He is so stinking cute!

Awesome pics.


Linda J

Adorable!!!!! (Thought of you yesterday as DH & I were making a batch of pasties - delicious, and the freezer is happy too).


OK, your commentary totally makes the photos (And I swear I'll chew some gum first next time :p)

Now, how are those fingers doing??


He is just the cutest little bug! Love this entry and those photos!

Amy B.

oh cute boy! and thank goodness that it's through! LOL!

sherry steveson

thanks for the giggle... that boy is just TOO cute!!
don't think it was me with the garlic chicken!! *wink*


He is such a cutie. What a great smile!

Peg Graham

Brian is one gorgeous Baby!!!


Nicky Foley

Too stinkin' funny! Torm, you should be writing a book.

Have a great weekend...and give that little guy a hug.


Ashley G

Go Brian!


So glad you're feeling better, Brian! My girl can relate with those new-tooth pains.


A future in comedy, he has! What a cutie! Great photos, great captions, great milestone!


YAY!! Go brian!!!


TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

kelly edgerton

Could Brian be any more cute? I LOVE these pictures. And, I was missing your blog, so this is a fantastic first peek at your entries for the new year. Congrats on tooth #6.


Way to go Brian!!!

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