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January 10, 2006



thanks a lot Sharyn. Now I'll be singing that song in my dreams tonight... :oP
tadadattaaaaa tadattataaaa


:) This is why I like you!


ABBA is good. You can't listen to it and not smile! :)


ABBA is one of my favorites. If you ever get the opportunity to see Mama Mia... DO IT! It is so. much. fun. Oh, and it's loud and everyone is bouncing out of their seats by the end. ; )



I always figure that God has me right where I am supposed to be..it may not be the path I conscientiously choose, but if I just keep on the road or walk the journey, as I look back things always come into perspective for me. Love reading your wise thoughts! So real! Have a great evening. :)

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPEA)

I love ABBA!!! I have the cd in my car. They are da bomb!!!!



i like it! well said torm and i like how you worked in the song. next up....dancing queen!! :P


Abba rocks! And so do you.

Will you be my friend? ;)

Steph (karlslove)

Remind me to tell you someday about getting caught in the newsroom at 5 in the morning singing Dancing Queen. (Shut up, I worked overnights, I was trying to stay awake.) I thought I was alone :)


On my way to Vegas for Memory Trends they did a contest where we could guess the weight of the plane we were on, passengers, luggage, cargo, crew, fuel, tare weight, etc. They gave us the tare weight and fuel weight but we guessed at the rest. I haven't done so much math without a calculator for a long time, but the prize was two tickets to Mama Mia and I REALLY wanted those tickets! A lady two rows back beat me, but I was within 400 pounds, so I still feel confident bragging about it, even if I had to sing ABBA to myself in the shower!

"One of us is crying, One of us is lying, In her lonely bed.
Staring at the ceiling. Wishing she was somewhere else instead."


ok, i missed the first post but i love ABBA too!!! my hubby & i just returned from a weekend trip to portland oregon to see Mamma Mia! so fantastic, and they squeezed in 25 of the BEST ABBA songs - and they did it so well!! i've been singing their stuff ever since.

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