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February 22, 2006


Shannon Snyder

I'm Proud of You! Dont you feel good?!!!
Ignore the Guilt!!!

Linda J

Proud of you .... I need to do the same!:)

Amy B-perumbula

I am proud of you! that's awesome. there are some projects that we do need to finish and some that just need to be tossed. your world would not be enhanced in any way by having one more embroidered pillow or cross stitched wall hanging. it's ok to toss. I need to do some of it myself. ;)

Tina A

I'm so proud of you!! I heard and understood everything you said. (especially the guilt, guilt, guilt.) So awesome! I'm finally doing this w/ anything sewing related...but it's still only getting done in bits and peices. A dumpster sounds so much more rewarding. There's nothing like a good purge. Breath of fresh air. Tina


Oh, this gives me a satisfying feeling!! Nothin like reorganizing storage space to make things work. I think of it this way when I get rid of more and more of my personal stuff. The more kids I have, the less space there is for the "extras" in every way: literally and figuratively. Not that losing that space is a bad thing. You're trading it for a little Brian. Need I say more?


HI Tina! :)

Becky Thompson

Good for you, girl. I've got a garage that desparately needs me to rid it of some of my guilt. :)


you RAWK!!! and you've inspired me to do another purge of my crap. i just did the craft thing and it is gross isn't it? some of that stuff i wondered why i ever thought it was cute. good point on the one big guilt-i'm totally into that, because then it is over, and you can move on to a calmer more organized life-at least that's what i keep telling myself.
thanks again for your inspiration on this one and on pages completed in a month-i'm going pretty strong on that one too!!! see, you really do RAWK!!!


isn't it therapeutic? the physical effort involved leaves you feeling tired, but lighter. love that. enjoy the new room, the relief from guilt and sleep well tonight. you done did good! :)


Of course I'm proud of you!! You inspire me to continue my purging efforts - thanks!

Lisa Truesdell

you ROCK!


Good for you! And since you're on a roll, why don't you drive on over to Wisconsin & help me w/ all of my crap? tee hee

Our two youngest boys (mine's 10 1/2 mos) could play together while you're helping me out!

Seriously love reading your blog. I always walk away from it feeling refreshed. :)

kelly edgerton

Oh yeah, I am VERY PROUD of you. Now... did you find my black pants while you were purging? Because, honestly, I think that is the only way I will find my missing pants. I am in serious need of some purging. Thanks bunches for the inspiration.


good for you! deinitely something to be proud of.

Barb H.

Way to go Sharyn!

Steph (karlslove)

Way way way proud of you! When you come up this summer you can inspire me to purge too :)

Mary Ellen

No dumpster here, but I just set out 5 bags for EF to pick up. You've inspired me too. Way to go!

Alana M

very very awesome


I'm not proud. I'm JEALOUS!!

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