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February 11, 2006



Great entry--and good for you for reflecting on your time spent here.



I've wondered why I wash my hair first! I must've learned it for the same reason as a child. The hot water only lasted so long with 17 people all taking a sauna on the same night.

Linda J

Wonderful, meaningful entry Sharyn. You have your priorities so right!!!! I was thinking of you this morning because my daughter brought over a wonderful bread pudding that she made using Nisua. I just ate 2 pieces - one cold, and I warmed the other ... I loved them both ... although I think my next piece will be warmed too. Wishing you a great day ahead - hope that you turn this entry into a scrapbook page. :)


oh I have to say that double staircases are awesome. We have a split staircase in our home, which is only 8 years old (you don't see that much anymore) and my 4 boys run and run and run and run....you get the picture. some nerf guns and some boys and 2 staircases make for hours of entertainment. it is the best part of the house. ours splits halfway, you can go down into the entry way or go down into the familiy room. i wouldn't trade it for anything.



Pretty nifty! I love the photograph. Walk down memory lane. I love the flushing thing and hauling water! Pretty amazing!


Oh, Sharyn! What a FUN post to see on my computer screen this morning. Wow, the memories... It brings back so many. Thank you so much for this entry. I'm going to have to print it out and save it... :)


Beautiful blog. Written so well, I almost felt like I had lived my childhood there with you! How wonderful to share those memories with you this morning!!!! Thanks!


Just been thinking about this lately...a home is what you make it, despite it's dimensions or other amenities. My girls love our little student housing because it's home, that's where they find love. Great entry...thanks for sharing!

kelly edgerton

Okay, I so totally love this post - for so many reasons. The first and foremost being that your childhood memories are very similar to mine. I grew up in a house built in 1878... old, quaint, and WONDERFUL. Yes, it was a mansion to me, just as yours was, because you are so right - it's what's inside that makes a home rich.

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful I love how you tell a story!! LOve you!! Hugs Wanda

Dar Kaso

Wonderful memories of a wonderful old house!


super memory keep em coming.


Great memories, Sharyn. Love the stories from your childhood!


Really beautiful, makes me think about how I want my kids to have great memories of our home, as imperfect as it is. Hope you're doing (or have done) a layout about this.


what wonderful memories of HOME. :D


your writing takes me there...right there...and i can see that this WAS a HOME full of love. Beautfiul, Sharyn...thanks for sharing!

(now, if you don't take that photo + journalling and make a LO, I will HUNT you down!)



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