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February 21, 2006


Steph (karlslove)

What am I up to? Unpacking, doing laundry, and growling at the 30 new inches of snow that came while we were away!

Oh and wishing I was still on the beach :)

But I did get registered for one of Ali's classes today! Thats exciting. I won't be able to crop because Karl's brother gets married Friday night, but I'll be there for the Perspectives class on Saturday :) Yay for that!

Amy B-perumbula

absolutely nothing. kids are off today as well as yesterday. I'm in holding mode until our routine gets back to normal.

I hear you on no Olympics. It's only during the Olympics that I regret not paying for Cable. PBS just completely ignores them.


I did that with my Feb issue. And I never did find it. I think I must've purged too much. And it haunted me for a long time because I was halfway through when I lost it. But I was too stubborn to go buy a new one.

A little different for yuo when you're published in it though. Shoot!!

sherry steveson

Shawshank Redemption.... THAT is one of my FAVORITE movies... EVER! seriously....

oh. BTW, I've never really "filled" your shoes... on the morning thread.. just keeping your spot warm for when you are ready to come back....

OH....watch your mail soon... *wink*



sounds like a fun day. I worked all day and am now tying up a few loose ends.


Well, we have been known to take a "family drive" to Cabella's too.....the one in Nebraska.....such fun family time!!!! I even took my camera to get pics of all the "stuff"! Thinking of you....Enjoy!!!


Okay, Sharyn, here's what I want to know. How do you do it? I am a mom of 3 myself, for two months now. You seem to get so much done, and all with no tv. You're the coolest mom ever! When I grow up I want to be like you!

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