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February 12, 2006



Ohhhhhhhhhh, thanks Shayrn for sharin. This one is good.


Your too funny,,,, Ha ha ha. That's wonderful.


You know, just say "I GOTTA BE ME, BABY!" Sounds great. I didn't sled with the kids today b/c after almost TWO FEET of snow, I was just overwhelmed. I hid most of the day indoors. Sounds like you had a ball. Wish u had some pix! :)


At least you were playing and doing something fun and interactive with the kids....it's going to be just my luck to have one of Caden's friend's mom stumble in un-announced and I am in the middle of some potty-mouthed rant...sigh. I need to work on that. I have the mouth of a sailor at times.


hahaha! LOVE it! :D


Perfect!!! Just perfect!!!

Wanda E. Santiago

Way to go you rule!! The Dad must have thought why didn't I think of that!! Hugs Wanda


That dad has now dubbeth you "the cool mom" of the neighborhood. I concur!


Way to make a first impression! *grin*

Amy B.

Steve was reading over my shoulder this morning. He got to the last part and said "what's wrong with that?" ;) of course, were he the dad that showed up right at that moment he would have said to you: "quick, set it up for me. I'll bet I can go further."



Sounds great! I love sledding.

sherry steveson

Ahhhhh timing...
however... I'm having a hard time PICTURING this little impromptu moment.... with the image of the quite predicatable, frugal Sharyn I have! LOL


Too funny, Sharyn! I can just picture it! Although I'm having a little trouble imagining all that snow. Our mornings are still a little chilly, but temperature reaches the 70's in the afternoon now. Ah, I really don't miss the snow. :D


Of course! That's just perfect. Thanks for the laugh, Tina

Jennifer Wellborn

Ohhh.... that is funny! And it sounds so fun!

Shannon Snyder

Hilarious!!! I can totally picture it and I have never seen you in real life before. Well at least that father knows its a fun place for his little one to play.


Sharyn, love reading your stories. Felt like I was there. I'm sure you are now officially the "coolest Mom on the Block". Now everyone's children will want to play at your house. :)

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