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February 22, 2006


sherry steveson

My momma's boy just turned 8... and he STILL tries to wiggle his way into my bed.... He makes me sing to him EVERY night (he must be tone deaf!) and I'm the first person he hugs in the morn and the last one he kisses at night... he used to cry FOREVER if I left the room.... he was my HIP baby and I learned to do SO much one handed.... I hear ya.. gotta LOVE those Momma's boys!


WHat a cutie!!!

Nicky Foley

You mean ol' Mom! Making that baby cry.... :-)
Ooooh, I remember those days. Thought I would never again go to the bathroom alone.


Poor little sweetie! Aint' nothing wrong with being a momma's boy!!!!


Awwwww... secretly, I've always wanted a momma's boy!


I think he and Philip are twins separated at birth. Exactly the same!!!

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