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February 24, 2006



Wow Sharyn. I'm so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately it is eerily familiar, only my story is 10 years old and it was a car crash that took John's brother, not a war. But I was the one who told him, too. It's something that you don't forget easily - breaking the heart of someone you love. I completely relate to the feelings of loss for what would have been, what might have been. Hugs to you.

Nicky Foley

Oh, Sharyn. Your words hit so close to home. Holding you in my thoughts today.


sherry steveson

Sharyn, I have no words to take away the sadness you feel today but I think it's a testimony of your love for your bil that causes you to feel the pull of his memory around this time of year. I cannot relate to the loss but everytime I hear about the loss of other's I'm reminded of something significant that I once heard. Perhaps it's of comfort to realize that you personally know your guardian angel.
Hugs to you sweetie

Lisa Truesdell

sending ((hugs))


i'm sorry sharyn. i know that wave of grief, the one that comes up seemingly out of no where and washes over you. i wish there was something profound i could say to help. the only thing i can tell you is that tomorrow will be better.

hugs my friend.

Jennifer Lynn

What beautiful words to express what all military families fear/feel/live/pray not to live. I have no great words for this... just a thank you for sharing and a hug sent your way.


(((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) :(




You have me weeping here too at your memories - and I know you're o.k. Barb, Grandma and I were doing some reminiscing tonight, so I was very ready for a few good tears.


See? This is why I say that you are wise. To express your thoughts, and remember in earnest, and honor Tom's memory. Love that about you! Hugs to you and your family, Sharyn!


Sharyn I am sorry for your families loss. I know for you just typing this post out has made you feel a bit better and that has made your BIL happy for you and your loved ones. Hugs to you.

Wanda E. Santiago

Love you!! Enough said!! Hugs Wanda

Steph (karlslove)

hugs to you Sharyn. You have a beautiful heart


you know, there must be some cosmic reason that i am so drawn to your blog. maybe it is because you are from "back home" (i am from michigan-the u.p., sault ste. marie to be exact)but i have lots of cousins that live in howell) maybe it is your smooth flawless way with words-i love words, maybe it is your way of seeing humor in the same stuff that i do, maybe it is the way you look at the world ( i really appreciate your view) maybe it's all of those things and so much more. whatever it is-thank you. you are such an awesome person and i have told you this before, you have such an inspritational spirit. i am so sorry for your loss and your family's heartache.
ann in arizona

Shannon Snyder

Thank you for sharing your memories and your story in such a way to touch even a stranger. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.


Oh, all I can say is how sorry I am, and thank you for your loving, heartfelt sharing. This has to be a mother's worst nightmare..as well as the entire family. I am so glad that you are keeping Tom's spirit alive for the kids and letting others know that no matter what...we won't forget them, even if they are out of our immediate sight. Big Big hugs to you, and yes...it is all right to cry. Hospice told me that we have to remember that our grieving is like an ocean....it comes in waves, and it ebbs and tides...some waves hit us harder than others, and then there may be a real calm, but know that those feelings are there for us to share, to learn and to experience.
Thinking of you! Thanks for sharing!


I am touched deeply by your post. BIG GIGANTIC HUGS coming your way my dear.


What a touching post, Sharyn. I vaguely remember when a couple of my older siblings went to Tom's funeral. And at the Tormanen reunion that summer when we observed a moment of silence for him and his passing. I was so young but remember many of the grown-ups being very emotional then. My heart goes out to you! You're in my thoughts.


Oh Sharyn - this really brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. I have never had to deal with this - no military overseas in our family - and my heart aches for the little boy who never knew his daddy.


Sharyn just had to send ((((hugs))))

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