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February 19, 2006


Wanda E. Santiago

I love it!! Hugs Wanda

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey Jimmy played Vent piggy bank when he was one at one point he had over twenty bucks. Hugs Wanda


Umm... but if you actually score, you won't see the puck again, right?? My DD dropped a toy into a vent that accidentally been left open and that was the last time we saw Goosey. Major tragedy. I'm trying to picture the Tormanen vents, filled with hockey pucks and tennis balls.... Interesting games you have out there in the midwest!


I have a question - do the vents travel DOWN? When we renovated my kitchen, my kid dropped an action figure down the kitchen vent, and it's not been seen from since - and it's been three years! Hmmm, I wonder what a melted yogurt top smells like? LOL just kiddin! Maybe they'll have this event at the summer olympics?

Amy B-perumbula

Sharyn, you are a cool mom. there's no way my kids would be allowed to play this. but then we had early tragedies with sarah involving crayons and puzzle pieces and a vent that was properly covered. yikes.

sherry steveson

thanks for the explanation.... our vents are in the ceiling.... might be a little trickier! LOL


We used to play melt the crayons on the heater vent... but that didn't last long. ROFL. Sounds like a ton of fun!!!! =)


You already had my vote for "cool mom" with the sledding story, but this seals it! You're cool. It's true.

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