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May 17, 2006



This IS funny!!! =)


Ha Sharyn I love it. Hmmm maybe the kiddos will help with your scrapping budget... LOL. Getting excited for Ali's visit and can't wait to see everyone enjoying her visit at The Zone. See you this weekend.


lol!!!!!!!!! How cute....but yeah, that would get old....fast! :)


As I am thinking to myself. Penny smenny, Geez if she is going to call you a big fat scoundrel... seems like to me I would put that offense up at least to .25 cents. Crazy kid!!!

Keep us posted on how you get out of this one.


Okay you need to make a big list of prices per offense...first off when someone uses the word "jerk" it'll cost like 50 cents. Stuipd may be less or more depending on context. idiot may cost 75 cents and talk-back of any kind may carry a 30 cent surcharge. Gosh this could add up! :) :) How cute.

Ashley G



heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! it IS funny . . . and you'll be rich in no time . . . hahaha . . . :D


I think Wendy is me- totally sounds like something I would have done as a kid!!!
Love it!

Stacey Bogert

too cute! My jar would be full by now, and that's with just the oldest one!:) See you Friday.


ROTFL!!! Oh my goodness...Wendy rocks!


love the jar! that's a great find!


I just love that girl.. she is tooooo stinkin' funny! :)

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