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July 29, 2006



Loved reading your insights to CHA!
enjoyed meeting you.. even if it was oh so brief!


Great thoughts, Sharyn! You were an awesome roomie!!!!


great post Sraryn! Love to hear your perspective of the show.Wish I had seen flat Kelli. :)


Erin rocks, and you rock, too!! Hope you've recovered from the fun!


oh, sounds like a wonderful time!! :)

pc smart

i am soooo bummed i missed you!!! i one show in 4 years that i am a no show and you show up.....


Hey Torm! We just got back from the east coast... I totally will not plan vacation smack in the middle of CHA ever again. Must go to one! Glad you had fun. Email me when Ali will be at the LSS.. I have to go for that one!

The Scrapbook Zone

Great recap of the event Torm. Love hearing about your take on how the show was from a designer perspective. Glad you got to experience it first hand. I would love to hear your take on those booths that didn't do it for you??? See you soon.

Sprayers in Uttar Pardesh

I like this post!

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