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July 31, 2006



Oh my gosh, Sharyn, that is so funny! I've been known to do things like that.

Another funny story. Last year I was at Senior Awards Night at the high school, and one of the students got called up for an award. As she was walking across the stage, her skirt (a cute, short wrap-a-round) fell down around her ankles. Without missing a step, she just bent down, grabbed it and re-tied it as she was walking across the stage to accept her award. The whole crowd cheered loudly! She was a very cute girl and never lost her composure. Too cute!!


Oh my heck, girl....that's one funny story! I'm glad you're laughing about it - because I'd be lying if I didn't say that at the same time I was dying of embarassment for you, I was giggling up a storm! :)

Jumpers, girl...they never fall down around your ankles. ;)

Shannon Snyder

Oh man! That just put me in a giggly mood. Cant stop laughing...not at you of course ;). That would be something that would happen to me! Church giggles, got to love them.


tee hee - that is something that would happen to me, too! and i can just picture you there in church having giggling fits. :)


woops!! you totally gave me the giggles, but I would have been completely mortified, were it me! I love your attitude!


You made my day. You are so funny. This must mean you must be dropping the pounds girl. Hope you had a slip on. Too Funny. Now that my friend would have really been a good photographic event... Haa haa ha


I had a similar experience, only I was 15 and not so accepting of it! Sharyn I love your stories. You always make me laugh!


OMGOSH Sharyn.....you crack me up! Thank you for this laugh....for baring your story ;) SO funny!


So funny! I'm glad you could laugh at yourself. I would probably be so embarassed that I'd leave ad not come back!


goodness! That really is something you cry about or laugh your head off!!!! Thanks for the AM giggle!


oh, sharyn!!! LOL, glad to hear you were laughing about it.. I guess there is not much else to do in a case like that! :)



oh my sides!!!


priceless...omg what I would give to have been there and seen that. You sharyn, are a treasure. I look forward to your entries everyday.


OMG! I am laughing SO HARD!

I too would have laughed & giggled all the way home! Just imagine if it would have happened when you were walking down the isle to your seat??? ROTF!



What a riot! That's the funniest story I've heard in a long time, partially due to *how* you tell it. I had to stifle my giggles. ;) Good attitude about the whole thing too - I would have been one to leave and not even stay for the wedding.

Amy B-perumbula

ROFLOL!!! you my dear, are a very good sport. if I had lost my skirt in front of anyone execpt my dh, I would have been mortified, not gotten the giggles.

Ashley G

Hee hee hee...

The Scrapbook Zone

Oh my stars the visual here is making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Oh Shayrn only that could happen to you or me for that matter.. Love your stories!

barb Hogan

LOL! My girlfriend lost her bikini top at the pool last weekend, so there must have been something in the air! Love ya Sharyn!

Wanda E. Santiago

I am laughing with you not at you!! Only you Ms Torm only you!! Love ya Wanda

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