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August 03, 2006



Forgot to tell you that I put something up on ebay! Auction ends this afternoon and my reserve price has been met - woohoo! And, yeah, about a schedule - my dh is the type that likes the house clean as much as possible, so it's always a struggle for me, too. Someone once told me to clean for 1-2 hours/day as early in the day as possible and then consider the rest of the day "free" - might have to try that one.

Sue Sume

forced out of Lurkerville by your pacing problem....when you find the answer SHARE it.....
sometimes I am reminded of the quote
"each thing I do
I rush thru
so I can do something else"
and then there is the collision of the WANTS and the SHOULDS...
I feel you.
Anyway, good luck on your Quest
Sue Sume


You have just described my typical day to a t. Some days I am more focused, but most days I just feel like I am running and getting nowhere!!
And you can't take 2 days off your blog. I would miss you too much. Hint hint.

callie smith

Yes, Yes try the 2 hour a day thing, in the morning... that sounds good. Try to blog everyday it's all the therapy any of us get. Hee Hee. Sorry but I am addicted to these blogs. I too have all the same problems you have described. Seems like the best thing I really do is mess around and get nothing done. I am really good at that. When you find a solution please let the rest of us know. Hey, you know how oprah, and Dr. phil do the diet clubs. We could start a "what did you get done today?" club. Ha Ha it would probably fall completely apart in a few days. Now there is some positive attitude for you. I am done before I got started. Sorry about the rambling. I better check out. Bye

barb Hogan

Consider me perpetually unfocused. My pretty raspberry Franklin Planner doesn't help......


You sound like me, therefore, I have no advice :(
You get more done than me....I believe that!
and I'd love for you to do a blog entry on garage sales...or yard sales...or tag sales :) I need to have one soon and have no clue how to price things. Lots of "stuff"....knick knacks (sp?), books, toys, just stuff...kwim?
ebay is another story......I doubt I'll ever figure out how to do that......and with so many people doing it....how does anyone find your stuff?
Too many questions and now I need to run.
Definately don't desert us....okay? :)


i am having great difficulty with focus lately.
more so than any other time that i can think of.
sorry i don't have any advice.
just a me too, you are not alone on this one.

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