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September 18, 2006




Oh my goodness... that is so funny...in an "I can very much relate and feel for you" kind of way! :) Good thing the trash wasn't messy and you were able to get them out! :)

I have a sort of funny story for you. Kristofer had collected some acorns he thought he might like to ty to alter them to use in an action figure game he and his buddies play.

On our way to the orthodontist, he realized he had a couple of them in his pocket so he took them out and placed them in the door handle area of my car. (One of his favorite stash places... I find all kinds of things in there!)

As he was doing this he noticed a tiny hole in one acorn and showed me. I said it looked like a worm hole. He shrugged me off and we went about our business.

A couple days later as we were taking his friends home from a sleepover at our house, he looked into the stash area and about jumped out of his seat as he announced "there's a maggot in there!" After closer inspection, the other acorn had a little critter trying to exit its shell as well. We looked at each other and decided we better check the rest of the stash that's in a plastic baggie in his room for unwanted guests!

Needless to say, he MIGHT listen to me next time I spout of my words of wisdom! ;)



This is great! I do the "how would I know.." too. David had a little, discolored ball of play dough from school that he was going to play with "all the way to Minnesota." Well, Hans, not knowing it's importance, threw it away. David and I searched high and low for it, and we didn't think to ask Hans. So as we were pulling out of Calumet, I told Hans how sick we were that he couldn't find his treasured peice of play dough, and Hans got a sick look on his face. Neither of us mentioned the outcome of his dough to David. But at the next gas station, Hans stopped, brought David in, and bought him some beef jerkey.

Anna Beth

That is so fabulous!! I mean that like, I'm sooo glad other people do that too. Although, with me, it is usually my husband's stuff!!

Amy B-perumbula

oh I hate card games! I can totally relate. ok, I dont' hate playing them, but I hate the way my kids manage to string them around the house until it's impossible to play the game anymore. I was so happy to have non pokemon collecting children and then I threw an 8th birthday party for Josh and my peace was at an end. sigh

you are good mommy for digging them out though. ;)


I do the exact same thing!!!
Every week it's one little thing or another cluttering up my life, and I just pitch it.
Lucky for me, they almost never ask where it is! :)


LOL!!!! Your doing it again, Crackin' me up.


Too funny!!
I have the very same problem with Disney Princess Uno Cards...they're EVERYWHERE!!!
I'll take this as a lesson and nix my plan of throwing them out - LOL!!

Heather Preckel

You are too funny! I throw little things away of Kiersten's all the time but forget to bury it deep down and she seems to just find it! UGH! I swear I am creating a little pack rat out of her but for now she is living with the pitch queen and will just have to deal with it! ;)

Kim Kesti

Awww -you're a good mommy.



lol....I do the same thing....but since James doesn't "talk" too much yet, he doesn't ask where the cards went (though he has about 6 or 7 different sets). So because of that I have no regrets about throwing them away. :)

Mary Rogers

I feel bad for reading this and saying out loud "don't dig them out Torm, she needs to learn".....my boss said what? anyway, LMAO!!! you are a good momma!!


Kelley Popp

Boy does this sound familiar! Kev is the king of doing this especially with the little toys from Happy meals and such. Never missed-however if we did this one lego or Stars Wars/Turtle action figure around here. Mr. M would go bluto on us! So totally could have wrote this post.


Creaghan is also obsessed with cards (not strawberry shortcake! LOL!) and it, too, is driving me nuts.... but he knows if ONE of the hundreds are missing


now the cards
are scratch


Hey, no guilt girl! You are the mom...and I remember throwing all kinds of things away that I was tired of picking up.....Barbie shoes, matchbox cars, pogs, (you won't even have a clue as to what those things are I bet) and other things that I tripped over, etc. and I even threw away the beloved "jelly shoes" that my daughter loved, and I hated with a passion! I never have told her that I threw them away.....but they were never "found"! This post just makes me smile and remember...thanks for the memories!!!


Sama tääällä:) Kortteja joka paikassa:(

cindy mandernach

i did that with my daughter's blankie (she called it her nigh-nigh) when she was three, told her she was too big for it and besides, it was tattered beyond repair, told her she needed to be a big girl and throw it into the garbage. she did and i thought she was okay with it. in retrospect, i should have taken it out of the garbage when she wasn't looking and stashed it away as a remembrance for her...bit i didn't. two months later was easter and i asked her what she wanted the easter bunny to bring her and she told me "my nigh-nigh". yeah, who felt like the crappiest, worst, cruelest mother in the world??? you guessed it, ME!

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