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October 22, 2006



Oh, this is the dream of every teacher..to be appreciated and thought of "after the fact"....what a wonderful tribute and neat story....so happy you shared it. People tell teachers that we never know how we influence the kids we call "ours"....this is a great story Torm! Thanks! The best!


I can picture it so clearly Sharyn! He was definitely a great teacher...even tho he did turn my microphone off when me and Dana sang a duet at a concert. Now I have to go dig out my records. Tomorrow the boys will be cringing when I'm belting out "If I were a Rich Man" ...it's happened before when I was let loose in the record cupboard. Thanks for the memory!

callie smith

Nice Post. Love the new pic of you. It's a good one.

Linda J

Wonderful entry Sharyn! This has to put a smile on every teachers' heart.


Much appreciated memories! What a great idea to have the records made into CDs. I'll have to look into that.


great post S!
I will try to remember this when my tone deaf daughter is belting out Amazing Grace for the twentieth time!


You are right on! I think about his class every time I hear American Pie, Simon & Garfunkel songs, and the other ones we learned. I didn't have him for music...it was 6th grade "reading" class. We did way more than reading though, including chess, making our own radio shows, music, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Thanks for the memory refresher. :)

Lisa A.

Mr. Edwards really was a good teacher - I had never thought about that before. I too remember all those stories he told, and I remember, quite well, a lot of the songs he taught us...Pinball Wizard, City of New Orleans, Baby Elephant Walk.. And Morrison School- I've often thought of Morrison school with much nostalgia.

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