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October 25, 2006



OMGOSH! I am absolutely dying! I think I burst out so loud and woke up my son! That is a riot! You are a RIOT! Love the outfit!!


ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooo adorable!!!!


You are too funny! I can just see you in the wig! BTW, I love Marimekko.....we had it in our very first apartment after I was married...and that was in 1971....and I guess I should have saved it...all the same colors are "hot" right now. You are the best!!


I hope they're just laughing at the lampshade - cause your kids are right - you do look just like me!

Linda J

Huge belly laughing going on here!:)


LOL! you are HOT my friend.....if that outfit doesn't say "take me i'm yours" i don't know what does!


I can clearly see your mother in your eyes. You are the best!

Anna Beth

You should scrap that and ask someone to put it on a cover. It would make an awesome HOF entry!! So funny!!


oh my goodness Miss T., that is some silly stuff!!
I think I see your preggo belly too.....:)

Kelley Popp

okay-now you have gone and done it. I almost wet myself with laughter. That get up is a hoot-I think the pursed lips with the lamp shade would make anyone do anything you asked... I'm just saying.. Sure hope Greg's doc calls back soon... Or you could visit us on Freaky Friday dressed to the nines...

Jen Gallacher

I would call that doctor IMMEDIATELY if I were him. LOL! You are a riot, Sharyn! :)


your to much woman. Your outstanding.

Ashley Gailey

That is hilarious and exactly why I love you!


Oh my gracious...you are too much! This is one of the many reasons I love to read your blog daily ~ I never know what I'll find. You're great! Thanks for the laugh!


Oh sweet mother of.... ;)

I nearly had an accident I laughed so hard! My, oh my... aren't you a vision of loveliness! ;)

Really... my days would not be complete if I couldn't be a little bit of a voyeur into your life. You are so full of spirit! :) :) :)

Thanks for making me smile so often! :)

(P.S. The growing baby Torm is getting very big! :) )



You are so funny!!
I think you look spectacular!! :-)


you are a goddess.
I will kill myself if you wear that to the store tomorrow & I miss it!!


ooohh....Sharyn... I almost woke up the kids... I can't breathe...heheheeeee.... you rock the Marimekko!!!
You look beautiful daahling!

Will you be trick or treating in that get-up?
Now I'll be giggling in my sleep...


Only you girl...I am dying laughing here...about peed my pants...you are sooo funny!!!

~sharon (walka*mowlie)

Priceless. Simply priceless!!


Kim Kesti

Oh my! How could I have missed this?? Marimekko?? You rule the Marimekko! Definitely.

TOO funny, girlie!


Okay, admittedly I'm a little behind on your blog. But I was scrolling down the page and saw this picture and thought it WAS mom!! Whoah. :D Cute.


OMG Torm...just too much! ;)


Too much! Pa should be scared. You look fantastic, darling.

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