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November 15, 2006



Yup, I believe that look says it all.

Christy O

i LOVE that you captured that look. my kids are just used to this cold house :P I would love to snuggle up under a homemade quilt -you're awesome!


great face.


Yep. Looks like Wendy is serious about that thought also. She is cracking me up.


ROTFLMBO! My family can sooooo relate. When I was self-heating with the hyperthyroid, the boys walked around in fleece jackets and heavy socks. They threatened to make me a bed of snow when I asked if we could open the windows (in -35C weather)! =)


Oh, my family can SO relate. The photo is priceless! none to happy, are we? kiss-kiss for Wendy. ;-)

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