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November 04, 2006


Kelley Popp

Sharyn so glad you enjoyed class today. It is always a joy to see you even in a mumu.


ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah for Mellie!!!!! :D


Giggling here..just wish I could have been there! You are great! I am thinking this outfit may become a "signature item" for Torm!!!! :)

Sue Thomas

This is so fun!!!!!! I hope you got some fantastic goodies!!!!!


How cute! So happy you had some me time and I am jealous over
1) you meeting Mellie
2) goodies
3) taking her class and making that book!

and not jealous over
1) the dentist
2) your outfit ;) LOL!


HA! :D


what? no fake teeth??? :P


You guys are too cute!!

kimber mcgray

oh my heck is this funny!!!

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