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November 06, 2006


tina anderson

This always happens! And I marvel over it every time...why didn't I do half of this stuff when I was doing nothing? But, it always works the same. So enjoy your new schedule. I can't wait to hear about nesting urge. ;)

Donna Moore

I hear ya! We had a pastor who used to say, "If you need something done, don't look for someone with time on their hands, find the busiest person and it will get done!" I seem to be both busy and getting nothing done. Not sure what that says.

Stephanie Homburg

I too think I get more done when I feel like I have no time. I blame it on being trained to work well under a deadline :)


I'm the same way, Sharyn. It's weird and I don't understand it, but it works. LOL

Today my computer was off until 6 pm. But it's now 1:15 AM and I seriously need some sleep or I won't be able to keep up with tomorrow's To-Do List!



It totally makes sense to me! when I worked full time I seemed to always have a clean house.. we weren't always in it to mess it up.. but I always cleaned top to bottom Saturday morning.. knowing I wouldn't have time during the week.. and now?? hah!

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