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November 05, 2006



ROTFLOL!!!! out the window huh....that's on the 2nd story at my house...could get tricky but i'm sure i'd remember then!

you are great.

sherry grove

You are a genius. I visit your blog regularly because I enjoy your sense of humor, and you've entertained me yet again. Those "oops" moments are such a challenge for parents everywhere.



i actually did a scrapbook page titled 'confessions of a lousy tooth fairy' as i stink at this precious job. i am a bad mama.

the worst offense was accidentally taking a $100 bill out of my DH's wallet in the dark and sliding it under the pillow of toothless child #2. not a good scene in the AM with DH...


You are THE BEST!!!!!

Kelley Popp

love your way with words Sharyn-this sounds just like something J.K. Rowlings of Harry Potter fame would have written. You are one cool Mom!!


You are so funny!


LOL! you win the coolest mom ever award---very clever you are.


Will you be our tooth fairy too?
Or Christmas elf?
I bet you'd rock that job also.


well that is about the coolest thing I've heard all week!! You are so clever.
I am devastated that I missed you on Saturday. Glad there are pix to document it!

ashley g

You are such an awesome MOm!

Dana Miron (danahollis)

Oh my gosh.... this is so cute!

Please Sharyn, write a book! It could be called Live from Tormville and include all kinds of fun tidbits about motherhood, kids, family and life!

You could make it a journal of sorts. Oh I don't know. I just love reading your stories and I know I'm not alone!

Have a great day!



omg girl that rocks!!!


To Sharyn: ..yeah, what Dana said. ;-)

To Toothfairy #5308: Bring a flying buddy to keep you safe!
Good Luck!!



I agree! you SHOULD write a book! I'd buy it.. you have a wonderful way with words..
that letter is just awesome! love it!

Lawrence Gilstrap

HAHAHA! OMG that's the funniest thing I've read about tooth fairies. He/she/it really had to explain, huh? LOL! I guess I should have explained to my kids that the tooth fairy doesn't exist in a more kid-friendly way, like that one. Was I too harsh? Not at all, but I gave them a piece of reality alright. Kids these days need a lot of reminders, you know. Lucky me, our dentists here in Collierville are doing the reminding for me that my kids should always brush their teeth and that too much sweets is bad.

Harry Bronson

HAHAHA. You are such a genius! I never thought of writing a letter like that. I agree with Kelley. LOL. Sounds like the tooth fairy and Harry Potter got the same writer.

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