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December 19, 2006


Stephanie Homburg

I may be ordering this book today. I think it would be really good for Karl and I to institute this.


This is something I needed to do a year ago because I hope to live off studetn loans for the next few months. But I'm getting this book to hopefully help in the future.


Great summary Sharyn - I definitely need to do this as I head to retirement, but I'm thinkin' I may not need the book when you cover it so thoroughly.


I may have to order this book for Christmas. :-)
Thanks for the summary!

Dana Miron (danahollis)

Oh cool! I'm going to see if they have this at the library... if they don't, I'm going to camp out at Barnes and Noble for a few hours! ;)

I've made a pretty good budget for us. But I think I need to be a bit more detailed and a little more aggressive with the 10% thing.

I've been reading up lately on some of the "frugal" web sites and my target of interest at the moment is grocery shopping. That's a huge area where we spend a ton each month and then when something goes bad in the fridge, I feel so guilty! I need to plan meals better.

Sharyn, thanks for sharing this. This is going on the New Year's Resolution List... along with eating healthier and exercise! ;)


Dale Anne

YES, Frugal living is a bad word to some.......but at least we are living debt free!
One thing about Christmas....for the past 4 years, I start in January and make one gift item a month (that gift might be all family members or for only two people) and set it in a tote box, then in about October - I look to see what needs to be still worked on.

Amy B-perumbula

that sounds a lot like the Dave Ramsey system. which means it's got to work. ;) We need to get a handle on things, thanks for the reminder.


Thank you for posting this! my husband and I are just coming out of his years of graduate school and our first job out is quite meager compared to the debt we racked up. My goal is to get out of at least CC debt in 2007 and I think this system will help greatly. I've been trying to set aside 10% but that is difficult. I love the idea of the accounts, though. That will hopefully work.


great advice...will have to get the book.


Thank you for the wonderful advice! I just ordered the book. Can't wait to get started!! :)


great advice Sharyn. We need to star a plan like this.


Thank you Sharyn!
I really appreciate your post today :)


Great info! You know you could earn some extra money by earning commission on the number of copies of the book that will sell as a result of your post. ;)


We do a similar program too; the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover. I guess the only real difference is that he doesn't advocate saving more than $1000 in an emergency fund until you have ALL of your debts paid off (except your house). We've been working on this forever it seems. Someday we'll get there. :) Merry Christmas.

Ms Hare (Nicky)

My book arrived today.. Think it will help a couple of retirees???

Merry Christmas, Torm. Thanks for the chuckles this year.

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