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December 05, 2006



okay, so I almost peed my pants.
You never fail to delight me. Wish I lived across the street!


ROFLMBO!!!! I remember this from a couple of years ago - maybe on a rambling thread. :)

Dana Miron (danahollis)

Oh my... you are quite the RIOT! ;)

Once again... I find myself wishing you were my neighbor!

Thanks for the flashback story! :)


Dana Miron (danahollis)

Oh yeah... I really loved your Thread Spool Ornaments!
They are so cute!


some serious giggling over here on your behalf! :D


You sure do have a way with words, Sharyn. Thanks for the chuckle! See you next weekend!

sherry steveson

would it be okay to confess that I was truly laughing AT you..... thanks for the moment to test this well worn bladder of mine!

Kelley Popp

your stories cheer me so! Hey there is nothing wrong with being determined- Fin or not I say.

Kim Kesti

Oh. my. word. Too funny Tormie!!


Too funny - I had a major try to hold in the giggles moment while reading your story! I love your pictures in your December photo a day album.

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