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February 23, 2007



ROFLMBO!!!!! The good thing with boys and sibling rivalry is that while they may lob a train or two at each other when they're mad, the very next second, they are connecting those two trains and building the station together. It's fast and dirty fighting and then it's just over - no grudges held, no whining, no long drawn out girl screaming at each other. (can ya tell i have 2 girls? :p)

Amy B-perumbula

LOL!! guess you had better buy Mark more train wear. ;)


Your little Brian is going to be a great big brother :o) and these pictures make me smile... I love the twinkle in Brians eyes and the fact that he is starting to express himself in words, how cool is that... Thanks for sharing Sharyn, savor these days!


what a great shot of the two together. Mark today shows how big Brian really is. I love that.
He was still lovingly looking at his bro, even if it was only to admire his outfit!


LOL....I'll say for cute! Love this!

Kelley Popp

LOL now that was funny. Love the photos of the boys together. They will be great friends I predict. Have a happy Friday!


If I had to guess, before I finished the story, I thought he was trying to figure out a way to get the pacifier!!

You go Brian!

tina anderson

Markie! I love it.


I've been meaning to stop by more often - Lent's a good time. I can not get over how big they are getting, seems like not so long ago Brian was that small!

I really enjoy the shot of the two of them together.


Oh for cute!!!

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