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May 13, 2007



Wow Sharyn you have such a way with words. You are so blessed to have such a relationship with your mom. That song is my favorite one, and I do cry every time it is sung. We just sang that in church today. I hope you are having a wonderful mothers day.


you have one amazing momma sharyn.


Thank you Sharyn - I love you too!

susan opel

Wow! What a beautiful song - must be where you get your knack with words!

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom!

Kelley Popp

Oh my Sharyn what a song. Thanks for sharing and bringing our family closer with this beautiful song.


Thanks for the beautiful entry for Mother's Day.


Sharyn, That is Beautiful and those words are so true... Happy Mothers Day to you and your wonderful mother :o)


Sharyn, I didn't realize that your mom wrote that song. It's very emotional and always touches me deeply. It's been one of my favorite songs ever since we added it to the songbook. (Mark and I had our little sisters sing it at our wedding.) Whenever I sing it, I find my thoughts turn to those who have lost their spouses and are raising their children alone even though it is a prayer for every parent. And I am also reminded of how it is a prayer for strength.

Happy Mother's Day.

Linda J

Beautiful entry Sharyn - Happy Mother's Day (belated) to both you and your mother.

Laura K

This was such a fitting song to have sung in church on Mother's Day. I was thinking of this as we sang, but then hearing all of the men's voices, reminded me that this isn't only a mother's prayer, but equally one of all of the father's and Grandmothers/Grandfathers. It is a simple song, that says it all. A song that little kids can sing along, because the words are easy. I wish all of your followers could hear it put to music. it is beautiful.

Anne Heinonen

This is one of my favorite songs also. It truly is a parent's greatest prayer. It brings me to tears everytime we sing it at church and gives me comfort at home when I feel troubled. I only learned recently that your Mom had wrote it. I know some people that have it framed and keep thinking I should have that done.


I did not know your mother wrote that song either. It is one of the most touching songs but at the same time so simple for everyone to understand.

Amy Loukus

This is also one of my favorite songs, and I did not know that your mom wrote it. It is so truely the prayer of every parent, and one of the songs I sing while I am rocking my babies. The boys know most of the words by heart already.

Heidi Heinonen

I didn't know your mom wrote that song either!! I love it because it is so simple, as faith is.

Heidi Heinonen

I didn't know your mom wrote that song either!! I love it because it is so simple, as faith is.

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