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May 14, 2007



Thanks for sharing Sharyn.
Some of this sounds so similiar to some things I went through.


Oh, thanks for sharing this. You know I went through the same thing but without my dad being there for me during and after it all. That took courage on your dad's part and I know this post took courage to post. :) You rock, my friend!


wow, this sounds just like me. Another thing we have in common. Great posts...and so many!


HAHAHAHAHA! Okay, this gave me a much needed Monday morning guffaw. When I sent you that blog post, I already had my fighting stance in place, ready to defend myself were you to chicken out and not post it (for being too personal, of course). And then, without any noticeable hesitation, you went and put it out there. And I was *thoroughly* impressed. Hahaha. This makes me feel a little better, knowing that you did in fact squirm. Like I thought you might. :)

(And yes, for the rest of you readers, I focused on mom... for mother's day. But both of our parents are equally admirable. No doubt about it.)

Laura K

I didn't feel you were "shunning" your dad, just celebrating your wonderful mother for Mother's Day! Father's Day is still coming... :)

callie smith

Awesome Torm so glad you shared that piece of information. Just Awesome. I looked to see if mom commented a quicky to you. Nope no post from Mom she sure is a classy lady. Hi mom, hope to see your comment tomorrow. Torm your awesome I can't remember if I told you or not but I will be off the computer for probably a week or so, I am going in the hospital tomorrow for neck surgery. Looking forward to reading your blog when I am well enough to. Thanks Callie

Jennifer J.

I also agree with Laura's comment above and...

Sharyn this took a lot of courage to write. Thanks for sharing as I know it's so personal.

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