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May 08, 2007



love you too dear - even tho I couldn't find any honor in the story. I remember the first time I seriously quit - in Northville - I quit a week before that smoke-out day so if one of you kids came home from school with THE LECTURE I wouldn't have to feel guilty. That quit actually lasted for 12 years. Thanks for not posting a picture of me smoking ;)

Tonja Trump

Oh Torm...I swear we came from the same house!!! Thanks for that great story...it reminded me of my own trudge to the local drug store for my mom and her pack of Doral's..and a note!


Phillip Morris, unfiltered, here. But I didn't buy them for my dad, and he was the only one who smoked. I can, however, totally identify with the bean bag ashtrays, the corner market (I got Tootsie Pops for running up there for needed dinner items every once in awhile), the neighbors you can still remember by personality, and especially the scabby knees.

Congratulations to your mom for quitting--it's not easy to cure yourself of a lifelong habit, especially one you were raised to think was okay, the mature adult thing to do, etc.


P.S.: Did you happen to have any of those Boy Scout project ash trays at your house? The ones where a seashell was turned upside-down and anchored in Plaster of Paris, then the plaster base was decorated with beads and such?


Just when you think you know someone...hmm. Ü j/k
My dad used to buy smokes when he was a kid from vending machines.


Torm....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stories! Wow, this brought back memories. Both my folks smoked. We lived in the country, so it was a drive to the little gas station in order to feed the habit, but, hey, gas was only 26 cents a gallon (yes, I'm older than you!). They send my sister and me inside to purchase the cigs. And you're right, no one ever batted an eye about 5 & 6 year-olds buying 'em.


i'm so jealous. i must have repressed all my childhood memories----i can't remember a darn thing. you seem to remember everything so vividly. teach me how.

oh...psssssst. you've got one Kool mom too!

Amanda Heinonen

That's awesome! It's crazy how times have changed in such a short time!

And I have to agree with one of your other commenters, you have a really good memory. I have my Mother's 20 second one. We always argue about things in the past...I remember scrubbing the kitchen floor on our hands and knees, the young kids are allowed to use a swiffer. Mom says she always scrubbed the floor, not us kids. I know I am so right!


Yeah, you are very good with the details. Me, not so much!
We did have those bean bag ashtrays though!


that was fabulous.

Kelley Popp

this made me chuckle! I remember doing this for my rents as well. But for the life of me I can't remember the name of the store I used to trudge too. I do remember the one time that me and the kids my Mom baby sat put those little popper things into my Mom's smokes she smoked those Saratoga-super long smokes back then. We got quite the chuckle watching he lite up and see her smoke explode... LOL. Thanks for taking me back today Sharyn.

Rachel Thomae

OMG, my mom smoked Kool cigarettes too. Our store was called "The Kwik Shoppe." Memories, memories!

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