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June 28, 2007



Well put, Torm. DH and I turned the cable/satellite off a couple of years ago. My girls watch a 30 min. dvd just about every day after breakfast, but we've only just started that. Now I sort of wish we hadn't started it. Anyway, we just don't like all the JUNK on tv, and really, the only thing we ever watched were reruns of the Andy Griffith show and the Food network. Makes me want to curb my girls' dvd viewing, as well.

Jan Connair

This TV post is so interesting! I grew up with a TV and it was on all the time. During my own grade school and teen years, it seemed like you were considered strange if you didn't know all about the latest episodes of Brady Bunch, Happy Days, et al. Wild West, Man from Uncle--I mean, I really do have fond memories of that stuff. And to this day, I still feel like I need to watch TV in the evenings in order to relax. It's a blessing, and a curse! The curse is that I don't get as much scrapping done as I'd like to at all, because days are filled with chores and errands, and evenings are TV and reading time.

My oldest thinks TV is pretty much worthless, although for some reason he watches "Scrubs"--I think his college roommates got him hooked on that one. He also likes watching selected movies with us if we rent something interesting. Otherwise, he chooses to read classic works of literature, listen to classical music, or work on his creative writing. He's been this way at least since high school, if not before. My next oldest watches little TV, but plays a fair amount of video games to relax. The youngest 3 watch too much TV, mostly Disney. But they don't ever choose TV over playing with a friend, and they rarely turn the TV on if a friend is over. Where I find that TV worries me is in that we tend to do little board game or card game playing at our house, which are great activities for generating togetherness.

So I'm not sure what it all means. Less TV definitely means more time spent in creative and social pursuits. But I don't think it's bad to enjoy TV either. I agree with you that, in the end, it's a personal choice. You have to know your own tendencies and set limits for yourself accordingly. It's harder to give it up once you have the habit than it is to rent or borrow a TV for those occasions when there's something you really want to see!


I envy you.
I really do.
and that Al thing....OMGOSH! How in tune is he to you? So awesome!


and I don't mean that in a bad way......I hope it came out right!


Personally I adore TV. And when I say adore, I'd say we're had a lifelong love affair. I have fond memories of the only time I've ever lived alone my senior year in college, with my TV on, feeling free and happy, watchin' cable for some reason they gave me free HBO for a few months. Sigh, I love it. LOVE it. I have a TV in my kitchen (yes when I gutted my kitchen I had a cabinet BUILT for it), family room, basement, bedroom, studio....and when we're at the beach, we're TOTALLY minimalist with only TWO (master bedroom and family room). That we consider "roughin' it." :) I totally "get" why you wouldn't want one, but I think I'd just shrivel and begin having anxiety attacks without it. I don't watch much at night b/c no time. But I love Dr. Phil, The Simpsons, Martha Stewart, The Today Show, and of course American Idol. Sigh....I too have the Brady Bunch memories in the 70's. Good times. **HUGS**


I remember having an interesting conversation with a friend. She grew up with a TV and she said that she'd noticed that people who grew up with one considered the TV background noise and could do other things while it was on, while people who didn't usually watched more diligently. I'm still trying to see if that is true.

I think we had one for a while, then we didn't, though my dad would bring home a TV/VCR from work occasionally for movies. I'm kind of glad we didn't as I don't know how much reading I'd have done. And that habit serves me well.

I have one, but go in streaks. In winter, I tend to watch more - and I like to have TV to watch when I am lifting - but during the summer I barely watch anything. But I only get basic cable because if I got TLC and HGTV and the Food Network, I would watch non-stop. :-) There are some good shows (to an earlier comment - I think Scrubs is one of the best shows ever), but there is an awful lot out there not worth watching.


I agree about it being background noise- so true in my life. During the day i don't have it on much, but the kids flip it on a few times. At night, I wouldn't know what to do with myself if we did not have a television. But I am usually doing something else while watching, like knitting, scrapping, folding laundry, etc. So I am not a total couch potato. I think we have 5 tv's, currently. I am almost embarrased to admit it!
That being said, I also am a huge reader (as are my kids) and constant crafter. I watch, but very rarely is it the only thing I'm doing.

tina anderson

Joni has read my thoughts like that a few times! It's always a little weird, and a couple times I even wondered if I was losing it and talking out loud because it's so off the wall, that how could she know.

callie smith

Your kids will probably end up knowing more than most kids because (espically your eldest)of his love for reading. When a child has a dream that states he went to the library and all the books were gone and it upset him. That's cool. I am glad he uses his brain that is an important muscle. Seems when we watch TV we don't use that muscle at all.

I agree why did Al say that to you in the van at that moment. You guys are really in sync with eachother. Neato!!!

Your doing the right thing with no TV... You might not get done all the things you get done now if you had a tv. My grandson is 14 months old and he watches videos all the time. Einsteins it's called. I hope he will be okay. he is learning alot watching those little characters but after he watches that I wish his mom would turn off the Boob Tube.

Tonja Trump

That is kinda creepy...maybe he's "gifted"! We went without tv for almost a year...but Grey's Anatomy got it back! It was more peaceful without though!

Jan Connair

Sharyn, I totally forgot to mention that once my hubby and I had the same dream. Kinda like you and Al thinking the same thoughts. We both woke up in the middle of this dream. And it was a really weird dream too, involving a Chinese boy (no idea why). I said something about what was going on it my weird dream, and dh finished describing it for me. (insert theme from "Twilight Zone" here)

Stephanie Homburg

I love reading this post, and understand your views about tv. Ofcourse being someone who works IN tv, not having one isn't exactly an option for me. But I do savor the weekends when I turn it off entirely and enjoy quiet, or music coming from my computer speakers.


frrrrrrrrrrrrreaky! about Allan. lol about plugging up your brain.

My biggest TV vice is The Guiding Light --- and my mom never watched it, but my farmer dad did during nap time and my next-door Grandma did, so I've known these characters forever. CBS was the only station that really came in well for us. I think your kids are better for not having it. I say this even though we don't have the will to do as you have.

I remember meeting Kim Kesti in Arizona and she was talking about her kids --- who sound like really great kids ---- and I asked her what she attributed it to and she said, real non-preachy like and quiet, that they had no tv.


this just makes you that much cooler in my book torm! we have a tv, but i wish we didn't. i grew up with a tv, but don't remember watching it much....and i can definitely live without one now. i wouldn't miss it one bit.


I'd LOVE to get rid of the TV....the only thing stopping me is Tiger games. You can't even get away with not having cable for that.

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