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June 17, 2007





Glad the tooth fairy is into the tween lingo and all. Hope Big Al gets a big payout even if he was hoarding the teeth.

Amy Loukus

Nice, I'll have to remember this incident. As I would not put it past one of mine some day. Cute letter.


you and my husband are a lot alike when it comes to cute stuff like this for the kids. he mails them letters from their favorite cartoon character, stamped with their pawprint as a signature and encloses a coloring page (mine are much smaller than Big Al, LOL!)

Mary Rogers

ha, ha.
love it Sharyn!
I just tossed a few of Hayden's that have been lying around...I told him his tooth fairy money days are done, lol.

gotta share what Al thought of the letter!

Jennifer J.

:) That's way too funny. You're awesome!

Ed Mcgoldrick

This letter is very creative and hilarious! Haha! Kids won't really get to see the real message of it! I'm pretty sure that they'll be complimenting their mothers after they have read everything. With that, tooth fairies would really be repaying the kids' kindness, right? I really like how this letter was written! Great job, Tooth Fairy #5308! :D

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