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June 22, 2007



Hi, Sharyn. Just a friendly lurker here! I love to get new links and added the learn to read site to my favorites. I have to say, we do geocache and you definitely need to try this. I love cheap and easy family entertainment and this is one of our favorites. I was just online printing out caches to find on our vacation! Hope you get to try soon and please let me know if you have questions about it!


cool links! gonna have to introduce ash to those kiddie sites....she'll be thrilled.


posts like this are why I come back to your blog multiple times a day. well, one of the reasons at least. :)

Jennifer J.

I love posts like this when people share their favorite things. I think I ended up bookmarking most of these. Lol.

And I love that *Posie gets cozy* site too! Just found it several days ago. I love her pictures (and the colors in them)!

Robert Mahar

Thanks so much for the 'link love' - much appreciated! I've been receiving visits from your readers all day. =)


My kids love starfall! Molly will play and repeat everything they say, and all the kids love the songs. I bookmarked the games site for a rainy day. Thanks!


Torm family, you MUST geocache! It's so much fun. My dh and I have been out twice and are now addicted.


I stumbled across your blog via 2peas (I think) and read pretty regularly.

Geocaching is so so much fun and the kiddos love it. I have a nine year old, three year old, and ten month old and we go for a whole day weekly (and more this week because we had vacation!).

Loved your other links, especially the video.

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