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September 26, 2007


Linda J

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful entry. (I think we may have had the same wedding photographer - I NEVER look at our album for that reason - and no one took snaps:() Wonderful last picture - seems to capture it all - and I don't think you have changed a bit:) Enjoy a happy day.

Erin Campbell-Pope

Happy Anniversary Torm! Have fun celebrating with your hubby!


Jan Connair

Happy 15th, Sharyn! Love the wedding pictures. Maybe you can use some of that money you are saving on The Grocery Game to celebrate over dinner with your husband. Fifteen years down, 35 or more to go!

Kelley Popp

Happy Anniversary! Love the photo story montage will make for a great page someday. Many more togetherness years wished to you both!


Happy anniversary!!!! Time flies..........and boy we all have seemed to age in that little while. Hope you have a wonderful day.


Happy Anniversary. Your pictures are great. Ours is Saturday, but I don't think I will be able to top that. My memory just isn't that good, plus I don't have that many pictures. Hope you guys can go out an celebrate, enjoy your day.

Anna Beth

Those pics are so great!!


Happy Anniversary to you and Greg!! The pictures sure bring back lots of memories.




Awwww.. look at the two of you...

Onnellista hääpäivää!


Happy 15th Anniversary!

How weird is it that in exactly one week from today dh and I will be celebrating our 15th also?!

tracy whitney

happy anniversary! we'll be celebrating 14 years in oct. : )

lisa verstichelen

Happy anniversary !!! Love the pictures !

Ashley Harris

Happy Anniversary! Those are some great pictures. That cake is beautiful! Have a great day!!


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, Sharyn. I hope you two can find time to get out and celebrate. I love this entry. (and does Sherry read your blog?!) ;)

sharyn (torm)

If she doesn't now, she will soon, eh? If she can find her spectacles. :)


Happy 15th Anniversary, Sharyn! Great post...and love the 80's hairdos. =)


Happy Anniversary to both you and Greg! Great post

Emily Dennis

Happy Anniversary!

I enjoyed the little walk down memory lane with you. :)


Happy Anniversary to you both! Love the photo montage. :-)


Happy anniversary Sharyn (and Greg too!)

carol :)

DOH! You all are so CUTE!!!! Happy anniversary and many more!


Happy Anniversary!
15 years ago? Geez, I was a couple months from delivering my 6th.


Happy Anniversary!!! First off...Derek could probably carry me like that now. And boy am I glad I'm younger than you, poor Sherry! You said your Mom wasn't in the pictures until the end, wasn't that her up at the top arranging flowers? Have a great day...and many more anniversaries!

Crazy Anne

Well I don't think anyone has said it yet, so I will do the honors...Happy Anniversary! I guess I never knew that you and Kevin were siblings...I used to hang around with him a little when I was still at home and I never knew until I started reading your blog. Funny what we learn about people oonline! These things are amazing.

sharyn (torm)

That is my mom on top...but she needed a close up.

And don't be worrying about Sherry...I put up with the same thing from her little brother everyday. LOL And when you've known someone for almost 40 years, well..she's used to me.

Junkyard Jennifer

She (your mom) was with the kitchen ladies too. {We readers notice these things.} Lol! ;)

Happy Anniversary!! I swear I vaguely remember your wedding... :)

Great post!


Happy Anniversary!
Those are great photos, and a good story as usual!!

pc smart

thanks so much for sharing those photos and memories - i really enjoyed them!


Congratulations! We have 15 years too. Fantastic photos, thank you for sharing.

Anne H

What a fun blast from the past pictures. (Not that it was THAT long ago!) Happy Anniversary!


this is THE sweetest blog post EVER.
happy anniversary!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary!


OH I loved looking through these with you- such a sign of a great storyteller since I don't know these folks one whit, I still got involved. Lol.
Happy 15th and man, Mike and I's 8th is coming up soon.....maybe I'll steal this idea for our 15th......


Happy Anniversary, and to 35+ more years to come!


Onnellista hääpäivää! :) Hauska nähdä näitä kuvia!


Happy anniversary!!!


Guess I'm a little late here, but Happy Anniversary just the same! Great narration there, made me smile!


Happy Anniversary, I don`t know if my fist comment came through a few days ago, can`t see it now anyway...
Fun to see the pictures, and I do remember visiting Becky well, remember the t-shirts we made:)?


I'm a few days late in catching up here... but happy anniversary!!!!!!!! I LOVED your anniversary post with the photos and the stories. Makes me want to do a post like that... even though my anniversary was months ago. lol :)

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