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December 08, 2007



Oh wow!!! Those could be your kids and Julie's kids!!!!!!

Jan Connair

I agree with Steph. The boy in the striped shirt in that 1974 photo could be Allan!

Torm's Mom

Love the memories!
I wish I could remember what was in those boxes in the first picture. I do remember Carrie. Her mom Nancy was a dear friend who died many years ago from cancer.
I'm sure you were the reason for the tree on the table.

Alana M

These are classic. I should make a running comentary on my Christmases through the years. My mom always took photos BEFORE the presents were opened too. I don't remember what any of it was. I love the TV too. It is great to leave most of the background info in.

Kelley Popp

Love the old photo share Sharyn and I can see your kids and Julie's kids in those photos! TFS.

Amanda H

Ha ha :) Nice narrative.


yes - 1972 sure doesn't look like the merriest of christmases. love the expression! :-)

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful I love coming in and reading you!! You always make me smile!! Hugs Wanda


I love your Christmas past, it's so funs to see old photos. Wendy looks like you in a few of the pictures.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

These were so fun to look at. The one with the cousins from your mom's side - I see a lot of resemblances... Namely Wendy looks like you. Allan looks like the kid holding the baby, next to you. (That same kid also looks like Steve H. - Susan's brother...is it? And is that Susan?) And the kid with the tools and orange hat looks like Dennis & Julie's kids. {Which I'm assuming I know also...?}

I love the 1974 where your sister is grabbing at the paper. That's such a cute picture!


I am loving the old photos! And did the couch match the wallpaper? Classic groovy!! Love it! :)

Anna Beth

How did you get Allan in that old pic??? :) Seriously, the third pic from the bottom, that could totally be Al. Love the old photos!!


The pic of your G'Grandma holding you and G'Grandma looking on bring back many precious memories of Christmas's past.

Erin Campbell-Pope

Aw Torm those are so cute! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!



You need to quit putting up my family photos on your web site. I'm the little girl in pigtails, not you! How did you get them anyway! I'm all the way in WA!!

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