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March 08, 2008



That brought tears to my eyes -- how exciting for both of you!


that is SO cool. so very, very, cool.


Oh Sharyn, that just gave me goose bumps. What a special gift to give to them. You are such a kindhearted soul.

Cindy G

I read the story as you posted it last year and I am so happy that the family found you! I agree with the person above - what a special gift to give them.

sue Treiber

those are really great pix!


How wonderful. That is a special gift.
BTW, your link to the story goes to todays post.


I loved the story and knew it would be a matter of time before someone came forward. What a treasure you are giving back!

Sharyn (Torm)

Judy - that's because it's part of the same set - scroll all the way down and you'll read all the posts. :)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word



LOVE this...what a gift you are! Small small world we are a part of, and all so connected in such a good way!


Sharyn, it seems we're constantly bombarded with reports about all the nastiness and wasted time that the internet brings upon us... it's so wonderful to have this piece of joyful news and how it makes this world we live in a bit more connected! I followed this story w/ every single installment, and it does my heart good to know it's back in the family! You did good... :-)


Incredible woman you are Sharyn.


How absolutely awesome that this legacy found it's home! And kind of a mystery about Lloyd and George, eh? What a great feeling to have connected someone to their past and nice of Marianne to give you a glimpse at the people involved!


Oh, I just saw the pictures and didn't go any farther. Duh!!!!

carol :)

Very cool! I love stuff like this......

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Reading this gives me goosebumps, even though you already mentioned it to me. That's amazing that they found you. How cool is that?

Great pictures too.

Jim Ternes

Anthony was my Great Grand Father. Then William my Grand Father and Donald my Father. My Brother Paul responded to a link on a genealogy website that turned out to be Marianne. My Grand Father died in 1926 and his wife Elsie passed 6 years later. So we have had little knowledge/contact with that whole side of our family. It means much to us! Thought you should know...

Thank you.
Jim Ternes.

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