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March 26, 2008



That's awesome - and surely will make the coming weeks easier for all of you!

Moriah Bettencourt

You know for all of it's faults the internet is just about the coolest thing ever! I have had so many happy returns from my blog, it makes the world feel so tiny. LOL So happy to see him upright, he must be thrilled!


Oh Sharyn! I just learned of Brian's accident. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

Amy L

How wonderful, as I am sure that the novelty of a fort was beginning to wear off. I feel like I am thrilled for him! This will make the time pass a bit faster and easier for the little guy.


It's great to see him upright!

Jan C.

Go Laura!!! How awesome is it that she saved the chair and went to all that trouble to get it to you?!!!


Now this just about brings tears to my eyes. This is AWESOME! God bless you, Torm, and your precious (other) blog readers!

janet o

THAT IS SO COOL. SO glad you were able to get that.


How awesome is that. He's looking good.

Laura K.

Awesome! Once the chair left here, i started worrying about it even working with Brian's cast. It was great for us when Grandpa K. went right to work and made a chair that was done in a day or two. It was his own design, and grandma supplied the material. And to see it being used 8 years later, is cool!

old school acres

Whoa. That is a cool chair! I feel relieved for you. That has got to help out so much.

sue Treiber

I have been so worried about you for the last week, since I haven't been able to keep in touch. Brian looks to be doing so much better. Good luck with Mark's tubes, and I hope you are finally getting some much needed rest.


so cool!

Emily Dennis

How cool is that!? I imagine that will help a lot!

Amanda K.

Wow, is that awesome! Good thing for blogs!

Debbie Hodge

oh! beautiful. you are well loved.


Boy, it does my heart good to see him in that chair! See... we're all here for each other! That's what gets us through these things! Get thru those tubes now, Sharyn. Thinking about you.


Oh man, this post just made me smile big time. I'm so glad you have a network of family and friends to get you through this. Bless Laura for keeping that chair for all these years. I'm so glad Brian's quality of life over the weeks will be better because of this chair.

Tonja Trump

Awesome!! That just ROCKS! I am so tickled for you Torm..now get a mattress on that floor so you don't have to disrupt your sleep and move to the couch..and you'll be set! Love ya girl! Hang in there..you're doing great!

Vernon and Jeannette

That just proves that it pays to keep things. Here that chair has been sitting in the attic of our pole-building ever since Kaden didn't need it any more and now it's being used again. Let's hope Brian has a fast recovery.
When Roger was two years old, he had a broken femur and was hospitalized,in traction, for seventeen days and then a hip-spika cast (without the chair). Times have really changed things.
God's Peace,
Vernon and Jeannette


OH WOW!!!!!! How awesome is that? I bet he is thrilled!!


Sometimes the world is just so small.
So happy for you!
That has got to help out a TON!

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