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March 22, 2008


Debbie Hodge


Linda J

more hugs ...


oh sharyn. it will get better day by day. lots of people (kids and adults) have a reaction to codeine that way. i'll be praying that the motrin will be enough to do the trick----that may help get rid of the bad dreams too. poor little guy. oh, and if you still need to continue the yucky tasting meds, here's a trick i learned from wendy (at scrapsupply). give him a hershey kiss to melt on his tongue before his meds. the chocolate coats the tongue making the taste buds not as receptive, meaning the yucky taste won't be as present, if at all. then chase the dose of meds done with another kiss. i've done this with my kids and it works EVERYTIME!

Jan C.

The worst is surely over, Sharyn. From here on out, things can only get better! Hang in there, and let us know if we need to send chocolate.

pc smart

omgosh....poor thing... i haven't been checked your blog in a bit. how awful to be so young and not really understand...sending love and hugs...

pc smart

oops sorry....typing so fast i make too many mistakes.

vicki Boutin

Codiene is so hard on the stomach! Makes me sick too! Hope it gets better!!!


Torm, I don't read your blog for a week and I miss THIS! I too have a very active 3year old (and 5 months) son...I can easily imagine the broken limb but not keeping him still for 4-6 weeks...Hope things are getting better. Prayers and happy thoughts your way!

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