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March 20, 2008



(((((((hugs)))))))) and more (((((((hugs))))))))

you've got my number if you need to talk - i've been down the hospital route a few times and it's stressful, but you'lll be okay.

thinking of you....


Oh, you poor things!! Poor little guy just turned 3 and now he will be stuck in a cast. I'm sure you will never forget the week that he turned 3! I hope all goes well with the surgery and recovery!! We'll be thinking about you. Hang in there!!!


Defiantly thinking about you 2!!!!

With Brian laid up for a few weeks I just think about all the fun Mark can have. His older brother won't be able to pester him so maybe he can get some payback in. :-P


Sorry to hear the news Sharyn, geez.
Thank goodness you are so near good hospital care.
Will be thinking about your little guy.


Wishing for a smooth surgery and recovery for Brian! (and you!) Good thing it's not summer! You'll have to have a giant late birthday/ cast-is-off bash when the time comes!!!


Thank you for the update Sharyn. I am praying for a good surgery and speedy recovery.

Mary Rogers

oh Sharyn.......big hugs to you and Pa and of course Brian. I just read about this now. Poor baby, I will say a little prayer.


Tinka  Rote

Saying prayers that all goes well for Brian. Many years ago, a friend's 2-yr old was running through their kitchen and slipped on a little bit of water on the kitchen floor. He broke his pelvis when he fell and was in a full case from his chest down both legs for quite some time. He recovered with no problems and was playing soccer when he was 4 or 5.

kim m.

Oh Sharyn - I'm sorry to hear what happened. I am sending thoughts and prayers to you and hope that the surgery and recovery goes smoothly.

Alana M

OMG! You have my sympathies. Sara had a broken arm AND leg when she was 10 and was out of school for 6 weeks. I also had a 3 yo and a colicky 1 month old. Will Pa be home more? because you are going to need help. Look into someone to help babysit. You will need your rest and patience. Email me if you have any questions.


Oh, no! Had to delurk myself to let you know that there is one more person out here wishing you, Brian, & your family strength, peace, & health. Take care of each other. Prayers for a speedy recovery (for all of you).


holler if you need anything, we're here.. big hugs to brian.


Sharyn, I'm sending thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and healing. I agree with the others definitely ask for and accept whatever help is offered. You will need your rest. ((Hugs))

mary bright

Oh no! Lying flat for that long would make my 2/3 year olds insane (me too, I think). Good luck. Hope the surgery goes well and he heals quickly.


Sharyn, you and your little one are in my thoughts!


sharyn, you are such a good mama. i'll be thinking of you all, especially your sweet boy. hang in there.

Callie Ann Brat

OH what a tragedy.. He can't even sit any where, oh my not even in a carseat.. Oh my. Hugs to that baby..If there was ever a time a little guy needed cartoons this would be it.. My O My Torm.. I feel for ya girl.

Love Ya Callie


Oh boy, I am gone a few days and POW...I'll be thinking and praying that everything goes well for your little guy. I think it's worse on the parents.


(((HUGS))) and prayers and tears falling softly down my face. i'm so very sorry, but praising God that it wasn't any worse.


OH Sharyn, I"m so sorry for all of you. Big hugs. I'm glad you're in good hands at the UofM.

Erica Hettwer

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, I say "But, now you won't have to bribe him to sit still for pictures!"

You can't cry if your laughing. :)


Leslie McF

Easter candy is in the mail and should get there Saturday. Wish your cyber-friends were close enough to bring you a cup a tea. Be strong and know you are surrounded be caring friends.

Kelly Rakow

I sent you an email - I was exactly where you are last summer. You guys will get through this - hang in there and email me when you get a chance.


{{{hugs}}} sharyn. not ideal for sure but ya'll will pull through. i'll continue to pray for the doctor's hands and for a smooth as possible transition to the house.


Oh, Sharyn. How heartbreaking. You're in my thoughts and prayers.


Will be keeping you and Brian in my thoughts and prayers for successful surgery and speedy recovery.


Oh my goodness, Sharyn. Many prayers for quick healing for Brian and patience for Mommy. Hugs to both of you!!

Andi M

Poor little guy! I totally understand the feeling of wanting to rewind. A similar thing happened to me when I had told one of my boys that it was time to come in, but instead he had to jump on this giant ball one more time. What did he do? He broke his arm. It wasn't nearly as bad as Brian's break though. I guess it doesn't do any good to dwell on the past - just look toward the future. You and Brian are in my thoughts in prayers.

deB perry

OH hon...just popped in for another update. I am sending you big hugs...and prayers through all of this....you and Brian are covered. I'm so sorry about the way things have turned out...however I do know that kids heal fast.

Just wanted to let you know you are loved Missy!

sue Treiber

Poor Bri-that is a pretty big cast! I'm praying for a successfull surgery and a little rest for you.
Stop feeling guilty-accidents happen.


I broke my femur when I was like 18 months, back then I stayed in the hospital in traction for 6 weeks and had to relearn how to walk again. I turned out fine, that leg is slightly longer than the other but no one notices except me. I have played about every sport you can think of just fine. Hang in there, he will be all right. Just might need an extra hug or two!!

Anna Beth

Hugs and prayers to you! You will get to the end of this and say," I am supermom. I dealt with a 3 year old in a body cast. I can do anything!" And remember, it is only temporary!! :) Hang in there!

Tracey P.

Holy moly, Sharyn!! That is awful! So sorry for all of you, especially little Brian. He will be fine... you all will be fine, but you'll need some strength over the next several weeks. Make sure to take care of yourself and accept any offers of help that come your way.

Good luck!!

Tracey P.

janet o

I'm just now reading this. HUGS HUGS HUGS to you both - he will be FINE. I'm so sorry - I wish I could come sit with you or something.

Remember to take care of YOU while this is going on. HUGS


I too, just am now reading this! Oh Sending all the love and prayers I can to little man from FLorida. My Godson Owen just recenly broke his arm in 3 places- above the elbow, at the elbow and the wrist. He had to have surgery for pinning and then the cast was in traction...now it's held straight out from his body and he's coping with it just fine. Kids are adaptable and with a support team like you guys, Brian will come along beautifully. HUGS!

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