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March 31, 2008


sue Treiber

I hope you both got a fabulous nights sleep, pants or no pants :)
I love that you can find the humor in this, still.


Thanks for the laugh!!


thanks for the morning giggle.
too funny.

Lisa D

OMG that is hysterical!


funny. I love how accuratly you describe your seasoned husband. hee, hee, ha, ha.


I can just picture the whole scenario!! Too funny.

Mary Rogers

omg I am laughing out loud at work and every one around is wondering what the heck!! thanks for the laugh Sharyn... : )


Hil-a-ri-ous! I love how he didn't dare utter until you were to the top.


That's too funny...glad you made up the stairs without tripping. I have to admit, that's where I thought that was going.


So funny! Good thing you didn't trip.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

OMG! This post has to get the best post of the month award! I rarely laugh out loud when I am blogging.. this was such a hoot.

I loved it for so many reasons.. thumping your husband on the head.. Confession Time... I've thought of doing this so many times, but never dared... you kill me.

And the whole bed and clean sheets all to myself thing.. Oh my.. I do that every time my DH goes out of town.. which is rare.. and it is a delight...

And then, your husband ... how could he not be laughing his A@@ off watching the whole darn thing? What on earth was going through his head?

Oh my... And of course, the slow, painful 'fall' of your silky pants...while still being the best mom on the planet...determined...

I'm so glad you didn't trip... I was afraid the post was going to head that way.. after the run you have had the last several weeks!

Sigh... have a wonderful day!


Definitely a big giggle going down on my end. So funny!


oh man .. that is hysterical.

and .. it reminds me of a story .. I was out jogging with the pup. He likes to sprint across intersections so, when we came to a very wide busy intersection, we began to race across as the light turned green. All of a sudden, I started to feel my running pants slipping down - lower and lower .. I was in hysterics! I couldn't stop laughing, and so I couldn't get the words out to tell Atlas to slow down, and then I thought maybe we should just get out of the intersection quickly instead of stopping in the middle of it to adjust my pants .. and meanwhile the pants kept slipping down. Fortunately, I had on a very long running jacket, so just as the pants were slipping far below the jacket, I was across the road. I managed to stop and - still laughing - nonchalantly pretended that I was digging in my jacket pockets for something and reached way down from inside the pockets and pulled my pants up. Oh man. I giggled the whole rest of the - now walk. And noted sternly to myself that silky underwear should never be worn with loose running pants.

Jenny P

Completely laughing out loud here.....which I rarely do when blogging. A little giggle here and there, but this was complete laughing from the gut. That is an awesome story! I'm a total Jodi Picoult fan here! I've read Plain Truth, Salem Falls and I'm on The Tenth Circle right now. I actually started Second Glance and stopped....wasn't getting into it.....too many characters thrown out all at once. So please give a review of the book and maybe I'll go back and snag it. Thanks again for the entertaining post!

Tonja Trump

That's a great story! Thanks for the giggles at 5am! You SO rock girl! (Sad thing is, I have done that same thing!)


Love Love Jodi Picoult..........I love them all but my very favorites are: The Plain Truth, The Pact and My Sister's Keeper. I've got the latest (Change of Heart) sitting here waiting to be read.
I totally cracked up at the thought of you going upstairs with B while losing your jammies.....glad to hear you made it up safely:)


LOL you just gave me the church giggles. that is too funny. glad that Pa is feeling better.


Plain Truth and My Sister's Keeper are my favorites so far.

mary bright

I think I'll try the thump on the head technique next time multiple kids are crying at 2 am and he's snoring. Good idea.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

My stomach literally hurts from laughing so hard! This is the best post ever. I've been getting caught up on your blog (we just got back late last night), and I was going to wait 'til I read your most recent one before I commented, but I could not pass this one up! LOL!!

I can envision the whole thing. And, except for the part about you losing your drawers, as a wife and mother, I can relate to the general experience, even if the circumstances for me would have been different!

I can feel your frustration though. And a couple of posts down, I could feel your weariness. I know this past week (plus) hasn't been easy...

Petra Carden

That was hysterical. My 2 year old was looking at me like "what are you laughing at mom?!" hahahaha!!!

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