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March 21, 2008


Tina H.

You mentioned before that if anybody has any broken femur stories you would appreciate them--just to hear that your son will be alright. My thoughts on that...I don't have any broken femur stories but I am completely confident that he IS going to be okay because you've got to be one of the best moms on earth. I know I've never met you, but I can just tell. You're going to take such good care of your son. Take care.

Alana M

Wow like wow! Everything isn't going well is it? You two are awesome. Stick together, that is what kept Joe and I strong when we went through this. Let me know if YOU need anything Torm. The mom often gets forgotten, but we won't!!

Alana M

I wanted to add no femurs here broken but Sara has broken one finger, one wrist, two arms and three legs by the age of 10, so I understand (she has 0I). Stay strong!!

Andi M

It sure hasn't been easy, has it?! I'm glad that Brian's home and everyone is all settled in.


Hi, Sharyn, Thinking of you all. Glad to see your post. Hugs. Again. Wish I had more to say.

Stefanie Hamilton

I'm so glad Brian's home! I'll be thinking of you all. (((hugs)))


I'm so glad he's home and doing better. Glad it's not strep and you have your meds and can get better. {{{HUGS}}}

Deb Wisker

Some week there at your house!!! Torm, I work in a Childrens OR in NY. We put spica casts on all the time and none of those kiddos ever come back with complications! Hopefully the weeks will go by fast for all of you! you feel better too! Glad it's not strep!


THis too shall pass. Love, Brita

Amanda K.

Oh my goodness! I was just catching up with your blog here. What an ordeal! The poor little kid, it looks like these next few weeks are going to be mighty long weeks for him. Wow. Best of luck, hopefully everything goes smooth from here on out!

Dale Anne

I'm so glad to hear little Brian's home and that you were able to get some medication for your throat.
Now, let's hope you are feeling better soon and that things go smoothly for Brian's healing!


Are those your living room bookshelves? They can't possibly be your living room bookshelves. But. But -- the color of the walls. The curtains. They ARE. How in the WORLD did they get so... BARE!! and Clean!! Pass along the trick, sis! I need help here!!

sue Treiber

at least Bri will have brothers & sisters home to entertain him for a week!
Glad to hear you're all on the mend.


I don't know you, but you and you boy will by in my prayer tonight. I am glad he's on the mend. God Bless.


I don't know you, but you and your boy will by in my prayer tonight. I am glad he's on the mend. God Bless.


Hey Torm, Wishing little guy a very speedy recovery and for your household to become normal again soon. :) Hugs!!!


I was probably one of the people stuck with your hubby, kids and mother-in-law as I tried to get downtown Ann Arbor to sing a concert at Hill Aud. tonight. It was a MESS!! After being stuck in traffic for over an hour, I hopped out of my mom's car and walked about 2 miles in my full length concert dress and nicely brushed hair over to the hall! The nicely brushed hair didn't make it. (-:

Petra Carden

I just got caught up on all the goings on, and WOW - You guys, and especially Brian, will be in my prayers continuously!!!


awwwwwww. how incredibly sweet is that little fort! you're an awesomely creative momma, Torm. we have happy mail coming your way for Brian! (((HUGS))) and prayers for a speedy recovery.


Sharyn! I have not peeked at your blog recently, so I did not know of poor Brian's little accident. :( You should feel proud of yourself for keeping yourself together and getting the proper things in order for his care, etc. And, don't be too hard on yourself; kids will be kids! :) Plus, jumping is fun. ;) I am sorry I didn't stop by sooner, but know I am thinking of you all and praying for Brian's patience with the healing and need to be still, and that God would wrap him up in love and mend his little body. Take care and give good care - I will check in regularly for updates. :)


Glad you're home, but goodness, what a crazy life you'll have for a while. I know I'm not exactly next door, but let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

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