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March 29, 2008



Great picture. I'm sure that Brian can hold his own. Good to see him moving around.


You need one of those rollers that mechanics use to slide under cars.

Callie Ann


cori in wa

Too stinking cute! Hmmm, what animals slither? Bet they'll have some good times with that!


Perfect! I love it!


oh yeah. a board with casters under it!!! that's a BRILLIANT idea sue! i can see it now....he'd use those arm to send himself flying across the floor taking those in his path out like a bowling ball knocking over the pins. LOL!!!! toooo funny!


Oh my gosh, how funny. Mark is darned determined that Brian's injury isn't going to cut in on *his* fun.
On another note, I am constantly amazed at the adaptability of children. That Brian has just accepted what's going on with him and is rolling with it, is really astounding.

Tracey P.

Oh man! The board with rollers is the best idea! Brian would have a blast on that!!! I'm glad things are getting a little bit routine in your household... hope the sleeping is going better.

Tracey P.

sue Treiber

The board with the rollers sound like the most fun thing ever to me! I can see Brian now, racing across the kitchen. Although swiffer pads aren't a bad idea either...


Forgot to add that Markie would have to put on some hockey gloves to protect the fingers...and Brian would probably need a helmet.

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