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March 30, 2008



HUGS I'm sorry your experience was so frustrating at the hospital. Call the ortho doctor tomorrow and ask to speak to his nurse. Hopefully she will be able to help with some of the smaller things until you get into the office on Wednesday.


ya know, i used to think the best thing ever for rashes was pinxav (pronounced "pink salve"). you could only get it behind the counter (non-prescription) at the pharmacy. it has 30% zinc oxide. A&D has maybe 10%. anywho. long story short, you can now get Desitin, 40% zinc oxide, over the counter on the shelves with the other diaper creams. it's around $4.50 a tube and worth EVERY penny. it's super thick, VERY water resistant (to the point that when i apply it to my little one, i have a hard time washing it off my hands), but it does the trick beautifully! other than that, all i can share is (((((((((((HUGS))))))))) and prayers. and be firm and don't let them belittle you. you are the BEST advocate for your son's health and you know when things just aren't right. oh, and don't be afraid to make calls during non-office hours. that's why they have on-call doctors. (HUGS) friend.


ooops, meant to add that the cream is water resistant AND healing. rash gone....like overnight.

Jan C.

Oh man, it's so hard to hear a little one cry and not be able to make it better right away. Especially if you've been operating on bad information or simply not recognizing what was going on!

That doesn't make you an incompetent mom, though. Just hang in there and keep doing the best you know how to do. You are going the extra yard in every possible way for Brian, and this problem with the cast will get better, too!


I am so sorry Sharyn! You are not incompetent. You are doing everything possible to keep Brian comfortable. Keep calling the doctors until you get the answers you need. That's what they are there for. Hugs to you and goodies on their way soon!

Cori in WA

I can hear your pain and frustration in your post. I am so, so sorry that this is happening. The whole thing. I'd like to say it is an anomaly, but that's just not true. This kind of thing happens all the time. You are a wonderful mommo for doing what you can, within your grasp and power, to help your little man be as safe and comfortable and well as you can. Bless you and hopefully you get some positive answers and results soon!


Hugs Sharyn. I am so sorry you are going through this and Brian as well. You are a wonderful mom. I'll continue to keep you in my prayers.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Huge hugs your way and for little Brian... I so feel your pain, and Brian's... I HATE it when children suffer! And, that Hospital? GADS our health care sucks, eh? And we pay for this???? . I tell you, the examples of incompetency far outweigh the miracles... daily...
Good for you for doing your research.. I am so sorry you have this weight on your shoulders... wish I could offer more support...


Sharyn, you are by far a VERY competent mother! You are also not alone with U-M hospital frustrations. Literally every experience I've had at the hospital or U-M affiliate doctors has been frustrating/confusing/impersonal and since we have to buy our own insurance, we do everything in our power to stay with the St. Joe's hospital and affiliates. (U-M actually had a program of giving money cards to all the people that had appointments cancelled while they were in the waiting room and for other negative encounters. That program was cancelled after the Director pilfered gift cards from the system. Nice.) Anyway, good luck over these next weeks, try get as much rest as possible.


(((HUGS))) to you, Torm. You are a very competent mother--I know because I read your blog every day! ; ) It is just hard when your little one is suffering and you don't know how or can't make it better. I'm praying for you!


Hang in there! I can definitely relate to the frustration of dealing with the doctors/hospital's crazy timetables. Hopefully the ointment helps the itchiness and you get more answers soon.

Callie Ann

Don't think your a bad mommy. You are a good mommy! One of the best. I am sorry to hear that the hospital was and is being a pain in your arse. And the doctors also. Who is Brians Pediatrician.. Maybe he would know more than the actual peeps.. Who knows.. God grant you patients and wisdom for you and your family to get thru this..


Tonja Trump

Hang in there Torm...you are his best advocate!! Keep fighting for what you know in your heart and gut is right! You are doing a super awesome job girl!!

sue Treiber

I'm so disappointed to hear about your troubles with the hospital and doctors. All it would have taken was one person to actualy listen to you and Brian wouldn't have had to suffer. So pointless.
You are doing a great job.

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