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March 19, 2008



Oh Sharyn, I am so sorry to read this. As a parent, I can imagine what you are going through and reading your post gave me the chills. I hope Brian's okay and home soon. Hugs and prayers for you and the little guy. Drive safely.


Sending lots of positive thoughts and calming energy your way. My only experience with boys with broken bones was a big toe that had to be surgically pinned and everything turned out just fine. Kids are amazingly resilient and accidents like these are much harder on parents it seems than on the little ones. Youth does that. Keep us posted when you can but take care of yourself and your family first. We'll be thinking of you.


Oh GEEZ! WHAT NEXT?? I can't imagine adding that on top of this sick stress. HANG IN THERE! Thinking of you....Be waiting to hear that he's going to be ok.


Oh, Sharyn! When it rains, it pours! But things can only start looking up from here. Saying a prayer for all of you. A children's hospital will be a great place for him to be taken care of- they know kids! Best of luck.


Oh man .. I hope he's ok! I'm saying a prayer for you all.

Moriah Bettencourt

Oh I am so sorry! Poor little punkin! I really hope that it's not too bad, oh I just cannot imagine a cast on a 3 year old :( (((hugs)))


((((HUGS))) and you know i'm praying. i've had flutterflies in my stomach ever since i called.


UGH! I'm dreading the first broken bone around here. I keep thinking it'll be a finger or a leg though. A femur break? How does that even happen? Where IS the femur? Good thing for Wikipedia, here I go...

Dale Anne

OH my goodness.....lots of GOOD thoughts & prayers going your way!
I hope its not too much of an ordeal.......our son was always breaking something via football & hockey. The first one is always the hardest!
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you!!!

Donna Mooew

So sorry! My son did this once when he was 2 jumping off the arm of the love seat after watching wrestling and again when he was 7 showing off in front of friends jumping off the bed.
Neither time was it a move he hadn't done dozens of times before.
No pins needed for him either time and he was home in a few hours. Little kids pay very little attention to having a cast after a couple of hours and your main problem will be getting him to be still if they tell him to for a couple of days! Healed fine both times and the cast was off in under 2 weeks. Now, a pin situation, I know nothing about.
Prayers. And I know you're not ready to hear this, but the photos 20+ years later are priceless. Just sayin'.

Linda J

Prayers and hugs sent your way -

Jan C.

We have not had any broken legs around here, mostly broken wrists and other calamities. But I'll bet you that Brian will ultimately be just fine. Don't they say that broken bones heal even stronger than they were before the accident?

Your presence will be the best medicine for Brian. He will be much more calm with Mommy around! Tell him to think about his leg being strong again and picture himself running around and playing. Then you do that too. Visualization can be very healing!

Take a deep breath--everything will be okay.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word

I am a broken femur survivor, Torm! I did the splits (not on purpose!) when I was roller skating when I was about 11. They pinned my leg (and I was in traction) and hospitalized for about 6 weeks. Then I had about the same amount of time in a hip spleen cast (I think that's what it was called--it's been about 23 years!) that looked like a pair of pants. I know this is not great news, but I want you to know that I survived it well. Brian is SOOOOOO much younger than I was--he'll bounce back beautifully. Hugs and prayers to you and your family. Keep us updated when you can!


Oh Sharyn...I know how overwhelmed you feel. We just went through the same scenario. Hugs to Brian.


Poor baby and poor you. I'm sure he will be fine after they get things squared awary.

Make sure you eat something.



So sorry! I am praying for you all.

Kim Kesti

Ohhh-bummer. I'm thinking about you. My story? My little brother broke his femur TWICE! In the exact same spot. This first time when I was babysitting him; he was around 8, then again by jumping in the pool when he was 10. He was in traction both times, but did just fine - he's healthy as a horse nowadays and a grand hockey player. This too shall pass.

Erica Hettwer

It will be okay.


omgosh Sharyn :( Huge hugs and prayers for Brian and for you. I have no advice but wish I did.


Oh NOOOOO! Does this mean that you can't come up? I was so looking forward to our visit. Please remember to take care of yourself too. Eat. Rest. Ask for and accept help. We love you, God's Peace, Brita

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Oh Sharyn...I hope he's alright. And, you. The combination of nerves and no food is a horrible combination. Everything feels more scary. Take care of yourself. Sending thoughts and (((hugs))) that everything will be okay with Brian. I'll be thinking of you...and waiting to hear how he is...

deB perry

came to check in and see if you had any updates. I know they'll take good care of him....you are probably on your way to the hospital.

and boy am I glad you found that monkey. ;-)

Laura K.

Roger broke his femur when he was 2 when his wrestling brothers fell on his leg.(16 days of traction, and many weeks of a cast. remember, this was 1971) Our Kaden broke his femur when he was 3.(2000) (an ATV backed over him)He stayed overnight, just to make sure his stomach was fine. they didn't know how far up him the ATV went. He had a cast chest high, down to his knee on his good leg, and to his toes on the broken femur leg. He had been trained, but in a cast like that, couldn't go to the bathroom. there was a hole that we tucked a diaper into. We felt so helpless at first, not knowing what to do with this "stiff as a board" boy. Eventually he learned to "walk" in the cast! His grandpa Kangas made him a special chair out of wood that he could "sit" in. With a tray for eating and playing. This isn't the worst time of year for it to happen. Cast will be off by summer. Kids bounce back so quickly it's amazing!
But i feel for you and Greg. It sure is nervewracking! Best of luck to you all!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Oh for Pete's sake!!! How horrible for you and your family and your little guy.. it will be over soon.. hang in there... the sun will come up tomorrow...

And take some photos for his future wife...
And journal for Wendy's future as well...poor little thing! I can't imagine a 7 year old passing out...

We forget these things that seem so 'major' at the time..as life goes on to the next adventure...


Oh my goodness Sharyn! It will be okay. My daughter broke her tibia jumping down from playground equipment at school-10 minutes before the end of the day. That was almost 2 years ago already. It is very scary and awful to say the least, but the kids do heal very quickly. Do accept any help that comes your way and rest when you can.


Hope Brian's doing okay, and you too! Not a fun thing to deal with and with sick kids too. bummer. Let's hope for a speedy and healthy recovery for everyone!

make art every day

oh dear. hoping things are better by now, or that you are at least with brian. we're all thinking about you!


{{hugs}} my friend. i'm sure he'll be fine. and you will too. after you eat, rest and get to see him.

prayers for you all.

Cori in wa

Just spoke with one of our orthopedic docs here at the hospital and all he would say is "He's 3? They are almost made of rubber at three". So, positive thoughts going your way! I do know that younger bones tend to heal much more quickly and completely than older bones and the concensus is that the use of pins is MUCH higher in olders than in youngers.

Matt, my oldest, had a growth plate fracture at age 12, including two surgeries, pins, the works and he is fine. Beyond fine. Healing was quick, easy and relatively painless.

My heart and thoughts go out to you and pray that surgery is not necessary, and if it is, that it goes smoothly.

Amy Loukus

Yikes. I hope that things are looking better at this point. Poor little guy (Wendy too). Ask for and accept help, it will make everything easier for you to deal with. Waiting patiently for an update.


Poor little gaffer! I'm so sorry and hope that Brian is a quick healer. Most of all, I pray that things go smoothly for you and your family over the next few days.


These femur breaks sound like, not easy. geez....at least he has his age going for him! Good luck, and I pray that he's ok. I'm sure you'll feel 100 times better as soon as you're with him.

sue Treiber

My poor little Bri guy!
The good news is that he probably will remember very little of it. Emma had a traumatic root canal at three and laughs when we tell the story, which was anything but funny.
You on the other hand... breathe deeply. He will recover.

Callie Ann

I sure hope your baby isn't in to much pain, I hope wendy is doing better. I hope you and Pa are doing okay.. It's terrible when things happen to our babies. Good thought's coming your way Torm,
Hang in there
love Callie

Sara-Jane (New Zealand)

Much love to you all.
My brother had the same femur broken four times. They mend so well at that age. He WILL be fine.
Hugs to you.

Leslie McF

You have the power of the moms working overtime for you.Each one of us have two thoughts tonight. what can I do for you and I'm greatful it's not me. I'm thinking of getting a box of easter candies your way in the morning. I bought waaaay to much and I can't remember if you have any so I'll get some good easterly chocolet your way in the morning, If i do it express delivery tomorrow in the morning it should get there Saturday. You have helped me solve my excess candy problem now it's my time to help you. Does Brian have any favorite toys or movies go we can buy him clothes that match. I'm thinking some type of Disney sweat pant - easier to put on over a cast -i'm thinking fun themed sweat pants to make it easier on Ma and Pa. I'm also thinking that I should not be typing after taking a full sleeping pill tnat usually puts me out in minutes, If it looks like I'm sleeping as I type I'll wipe up the drool in the morning and ask your forgiveness then.
Prayers are being said for all of you. Don't beat yourself up over this. It's a rite of passage for a boy - his first broken bone. this means he can't climb in your bed. And for the record I have four broken arms as a child, Two with hospitilzation stays due to two breaks in the arm. Your painful telling of your story reminds me of the stories my mom she tells about the accidents. Hers stories are slightly different than mine and they have me walking out of surgery in a cast and her being rolled out in my wheelchair because she faints alot....good times...Torm, be good to your self.


geez poor guy. hope brian is doing ok. i am saying a prayer for you all. He will be fine but the stress for the mother .........is hard. thinking of you. jana

Missy K

So sorry to read this this morning, and this momma could not go by without sending words of comfort, wishes for peace and tender good care for your little guy and your mommy heart. Praying for healing and peace and rest for you all.

Sassy Stuff

No femur story but I do have a child that broke a collarbone...
I can hear the feeling of worry in your post and I just want you to know that I'm keeping you and little Brian in my thoughts that you'll both get through this quickly.

Kelley Popp

Hugs Sharyn sending you calming thoughts and strength. He will be okay-kids are so resilent he won't even remember this in time. Hang it there!


So Sorry Sharyn! Have to say 'knock on wood' that with 4 boys we have only has one that has broken a collarbone. Have to say at least he is three and they heal so quick!
On to a positive note.......He wont be tracking in the mud that happens at this time of year!
((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to you!
God's Peace


Hi Sharyn,

I can give you my story of how my 4 year old daughter broke her wrist while in the time-out I gave her, and then when she screamed and told me it was broken I told her it wasn't, and only after another hour of screaming and an x ray did we find out that, yes, it was. Talk about guilt. But I know that won't ease your stress, so I can only say that I'm wishing you the best and I hope the days (and nights) pass quickly and you all feel better soon.


Oh Sharyn! What a month you're having!! We'll keep your family in our thoughts and prayers. Little ones are surprisingly resilient and seem to take things in stride....hopefully Brian will be through all of this.


Talked to your mom on Wednesday and she told us the news. How awful and scary for you. But you're tough and I know you weathered the storm like a pro. Dean busted his femur when he was ~19 or so. He had pins in and then physical therapy and was in the hospital for a couple weeks, but maybe that was for his other injuries? He had rods put in and eventually taken out and seems fine now. He claims it doesn't ache when the weather's changing or anything. Thinking of you and praying for the best.


I don't check your blog for a few days....and MAN! You do know how to do things up over there.
Prayers to all--
Hope his recovery (and everyone elses..) is super quick.
Where is Spring? I think you need it.

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