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March 20, 2008



Definitely get a leapster it will help keep him occupied. Puzzles, crayons, color books. I know you don't do tv but maybe dvds to watch on the computer will help keep him occupied.

I'm glad things are going ok so far.



Hi Sharyn, I keep finding myself stopping what I'm doing to check up on you!! Hang in there. I remember when my nephew Kaden broke his femur (Laura commented on previous posts about this), and we saw him in that ridiculous cast, and our hearts sank. What was Laura going to DO??!! But, they got through it with a little bit of Mom Creativity, and it all turned out just fine. Kaden even learned to 'walk' in his cast. It takes more than that to keep those little guys down!! Email Laura, she'll be happy to pass on any advice she may have. Take Care, hang in there, and please continue to update and VENT when you have to! We all love to listen. Love, Karen A.


more (((HUGS))) coming your way. do you have a wagon? i remember when we lived up in canton, on my daily walks i would see a little girl in the same type cast you describe sitting outside in a wagon with pillows as a soft cushion enjoying the spring weather. another suggested time occupier would be shoe strings and wooden beads....keeps my 3 year old occupied for a good while. lite brite. puzzles (dollar store). color wonder markers (genious invention!). maybe borrow a portable DVD player and grab some kid movies from the library. tv tray with shaving cream to "draw". oh, sharyn, my heart aches for you and your family right now. soon enough it will be a memory of the past, but for now i'll keep lifting you in prayer that the next few days will pass quickly and stress will be at a minimum. (((HUGS))).


Torm, Prayers and hugs to you and yours. Sounds like Brian's experience is much like mine, minus the traction. I'm sure I did a lot of reading while I was bedbound, but I was much older than Brian. You will get through this--you're a strong, strong, strong mommy. Prayers for you today!


Sharyn my heart goes out to you. I will keep Brian and you and your family in my prayers. Poor little dude.
I think the leapster is a great idea.

Mary Rogers

thinking of you Sharyn....you will get through this - cast care will be critical for sure...we spent a few panic moments in the ER with M thinking they were too tight...

love you,


Hi Sharyn,

So sorry about the trouble. Felt like I could help a little. We just got a Leapster for my 4-year-old and he really hasn't been into it that much. (My 8 year old plays it more.) Borrow one if you can to test the waters because it's a big investment with the cartridges.
Marshmallows and toothpick designs, bring the pesky neighbors by for fun visits, magnet (or paper) dolls, etch-a-sketch./Magna doodle, clothes pins in milk cartons, etc. If I can think of more, I'll post. Thanks for the frequent updates. I've been wondering...

Dale Anne

I'm supposed to working in my studio but had to stay near here so I could check on your blog about Brian's surgery. And, how YOU are coping.
I'm so glad the casting part is over with.
sending more {{{{{HUGS}}}}.


Glad to hear the surgery and casting is over and went well. our babies look so tiny in those hospital beds, don't they. I know everything associated with his recovery must seem strange and overwhelming right now but just hang in there. I think you'll be surprised at how adaptable Brian will be...and kids grow so fast, he'll be out of that cast in no time. You've got a great online "family" here, lending ideas and support...rely on it to help you. And don't forget to take care of yourself, too. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh my goodness.. I miss a week of reading your blog (a record... just a busy week) and all heck breaks loose! ooohhh.. bad pun.. not intended at all.

Hugs to you and poor Brian all casted...

And I agree, no jumping on couches. My cousin's little boy did that at about the same age and managed to get a tiny crack in his skull as he hit the radiator. He is now a healthy, if still a bit reckless 11 year old :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

This blog is a perfect outlet for you right now. And it's such a blessing when we know we're not alone. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish a speedy recovery for Brian, and that he will get used to the cast quickly as I'm sure he will being so young! Sending (((big hugs))) and warm thoughts. Take care of yourself too...


Hi Sharyn, I can only imagine how small Brian seems and how overwhelmed you must feel at the care he will need. I pray that once you start it will come like second nature and the whole family will adapt quickly.

Hang in there. We're all rooting and praying for you.


Sharyn....if you need anything! just let me know! Nothing going on for me next week. do you have a gameboy in the house? I would really suggest going to the libary and they have everything for you there, for free. books on tape. books :). also movies for him to watch on the computer. I would go that route first! When he starts to get 'antsy' then maybe buy something new for him. Take care.

Jan C.

Hoo boy, sounds like you have a rough 6 weeks ahead of you. This situation is surely going to bring all of your creative powers and mommy superpowers into play. Fortunately, you've got lots on the ball in those departments, Sharyn. I am sure you and Brian will someday look back on this and laugh. Like, in 20 years, but still!


Philip loves his Leapster. Robert also started his when he was just shy of 3 and hasn't given it up since (which is why we got Philip his own for his 3rd bday).

I cannot imagine how difficult these upcoming weeks are going to be for everyone. Wow. Good reminder that we shouldn't take our mobility for granted.

Robert taught himself how to read at 3 with the Leapster and the Letter Factory cartridge... Could get some pretty good benefit out of it with all the time he'll have on his hands. :(


oh my sharon! i tend to read your blog every few days and had NO idea this had happened. big hugs for you and everyone is in our thoughts and prayers tonight.


Hi and oh my.
I think Wendy could do lots of practicing on her reading (I've got a first grader too) and read to Brian. I think you will have to go to the library often and keep him stocked with books,and books on tape. In some libraries in our area you can check out toys too. Do you have duplos? My boys love those. (and he can get out his frustration by flinging them all over too)
Whatever you do, don't stress that you are a bad mom because this happened. Every mom feels that way, but the kids turn out fine! And accidents happen. (Like my sister majorly breaking her ankle jumping over a pile of coats in the entryway.) And we will want to see pictures of his cast!! : )

Kelley Popp

Sharyn we have a leapster here we are not using with lots of games. Brian is welcome to use, Max doesn't play with it much anymore now that he's got a DS. It wouldn't be missed and it will definetly keep Brian entertained while he is recovering. Let me know and I can make arrangements to get it to you. Hugs to you and your family.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Another used leapster owner here! My kids are 9 & 10 and don't really use them anymore.. just occasionally to play.. If you need more than one (older sis) let me know.. we are leaving for Seattle Monday morning, and back late next week.. I could send you a care package when I return!

Great idea to blog the story... you will be back to see how you survived it all! I'm sure you are ready to drop..but as said before, women are so dang strong! When it rains, it pours, eh?

I'm still getting a chuckle about your dd fainting... I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but for Pete's sake! One thing after another!!!


Oh no! Poor buddy. Xander enjoys his leapster. It looks like you've had some great offers there. Dot to dots are great (Amazon has the 4-for-3 deal - either numbers or letters). Kumon makes great workbooks that keep kiddos busy. And our 4 year old loves maze books. Colorforms or making a felt-board or magnet board with little characters you create and dress together could be fun too.


Let me know if you need anything that I might have! I, too, have a Leapster and yes, it's a great idea. A portable DVD player is also a great idea! Lots and lots of paper and markers and crafts and maybe even his own basket of snacks on the couch with him? How about legos, blocks? Or any new/borrowed-new-to-him toys would keep him occupied.


Sending you hugs and love Sharyn!

make art every day

gah! so sorry you are going through this. sending you good thoughts from down south.


Lisa D

Oh Man...I've been thinking of you all day. The leapster is awesome and I love that there are so many games, they kind of grow with them. Todd has had his for 2 years and still loves the thing. I hope that you get sprung soon...and that you get all of your questions answered! More {{{hugs}}}}


So sorry about your little man Torm! Praying that his recovery goes quick for everyone! ;) Hugs to you!


I really feel for you. My daughter was in a cast like that too. I know all of the challenges that go with it all too well. The little things that nobody else thinks about. I sent you an email. Get a hold of me if you need to, hopefully I can give you suggestions or answer questions.


Sharon, our thoughts and prayers are with you. What an ordeal! It sounds like he's doing well, and I'm glad for that.

For stuff to do: Magna Doodles are great for drawing. And Emma's done some activity books that use water pens . . . they dry out and can then be done later. Color Wonder is great because he can do it on the couch or wherever he is and not make a mess. Toys R Us carries these magnet boards scenes in different themes . . . it opens like a book and you use flat magnets to make pictures. Jake had a dinosaur one and a truck one when he was younger.

vicki Boutin

Oh my!!! Poor boy!!! Glad the surgery went well! Big hugs!!!

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