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March 24, 2008


Kelly Rakow

When this happened with Andrew, the same thing was happening to him. He would just fall asleep, then he would jerk so bad and wake up. And it was not a pretty sight when that happened. I could never figure out if it was from the medication or from the anesthia from the hospital. It got so bad that I called the doctor to try and get new medicine. This sounds weird, but they put him on valium to help him sleep. It worked pretty good, although I don't know if that would be an option for you since he's three and Andrew was six. Just an idea. I've been thinking of you constantly - hang in there!!


Ohhh!!! Poor Brian! Poor You! Sorry, I know I dont have any advice to help you. Just know Im just a phone call away if you do need anything.........
take care and hopefully you will beable to take a nap.

Jan D

Sharyn, you and your family are in my prayers. I wish there was something I could do to help(live in Louisiana). I have been so upset since I heard about Brian..I hope you are feeling better, as I was also very worried about your health. You are so blessed with a wonderful husband and family and with GOD'S help it will get better...You are a wonderful person and your family are blessed to have you.

make art every day

i wish i had advice, too. audrey has had a couple of surgeries, but no lingering effects (i've heard that anesthesia can cause sleep disturbances shortly after). she did throw up a lot after the first one, but i think it's because they gave her versed to calm her down. the next time she didn't have any pre-surgery meds and her recovery was a lot faster. maybe brian is still feeling the effects of anesthesia. and maybe it's nearly out of his system by now.


Torm, I have no advice, other than the fact that my mother always listed codeine as one of my allergies. The only thing she ever said about it is that it made me "crazy." I do think the anesthesia could cause these problems. Hugs to you and especially prayers.

Mary Rogers

Madison can't do codeine.period.the affects are worse then the benefit and it causes constipation.

what if you try some melatonin (over the counter natural sleep aid - our body produces it naturally - I give it to Madison) and regular tylenol. it Will help him fall asleep and stay asleep...as far pain in the other leg, because it is the healthy one, the cast might feel a little tight - just watch it for swelling and extreme pain. I wish I could offer more, email me if you have any questions...I may just be a cast expert with Madison and her surgeries....

old school acres

I've been thinking of you. I wish there was something I could do to make you both more comfortable. I pray for comfortable sleep with no bad dreams and quick healing for your sweet boy. I'm sure you are inundated with offers of things to help Brian pass the time, but my girls and I would love to send some goodies for Brian if you need anything.

Alana M

I am Alana's daughter Sara. I have been through broken almost everything. So i have tons of advice to give. When i was ten years old i broke my leg and arm really really bad. What you were saying about the nightmares happened to me too. It was better for me when i had a nightlight there or music on so that when i woke up i felt safe. The only thing is i was ten, and he is three. But some other advice is to keep his leg elevated(spell check) when he is asleep. It helps for the throbbing(spell check?)trust me it helped alot. I think you are doing a great job my mom reads me your blogs about your little boy. Oh and about the flying maybe you should put towels around your knees so they wont get raw the cast is a nasty thing. oh and depeanding on where you live just remeber if you are somewhere where it gets hott than his tiny little leg will be twice as hott. Casts are really hott and air never goes in them so it is all body heat. if you need any more advice feel free to ask my mom and she will ask me from my personal expierences.Hope my advice helps him feel tons better.


Oh how painful. Markie must improve! There's just no TIME for him right now! Can you send him out for the day? I'd love to take him if I was closer. ~Brita

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