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April 19, 2008


Debbie Hodge

ooooo, is he yanking your chain or what? :)

Jan C.

Well, at least you know he suffered no tragic psychological wounds from his couch-leaping episode. Apparently the thought of breaking something again and having to be waited on hand and foot by his mom would not be a problem--for Brian!

Let us know how that talk goes, okay?


oh my.

sue Treiber

yeah, I would say that he is healing just fine :)


oh you are in so much trouble with this one. Obviously he isn't suffering too much from all this. Good luck with that talk.

Kim Kesti

Hee, hee - lil stinker.


I thought Markie was your stinker. ;)

Jan D

the old saying...boys will be boys..(LOL)..Great to hear that Brian will soon have his cast taken off. Question was Alan as active as Brian and Mark are when he was their age(s)? I have a very spirited 4 year old granddaughter and her sister is so laid back..Have a great weekend.

Lisa D

good luck with that ! ;-)


What a rascal!! Good luck. Sounds like you need it!


Yikes! But oh - I wish I were a kid. I am much more cautious about my bones. I lost my footing while flying down a hill on an afternoon trail run once and landed in the bushes. Only dirt and bruises, and they caused me to literally crawl on that hill from then on. LOL.


good luck with that!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I don't have anything to add to all these comments, but, that's funny. :)

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