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April 23, 2008


Heather R

thanks for posting. glad to hear it's off and he looks so happy!

Erica Hettwer

So glad he got the cast off and everything went well. He looks so very happy! :D

Moriah Bettencourt

That is great news!


sounds like the perfect way to end an emotionally exhausting day! I hope everyone slept well tonight!

Account Deleted

Woohoo! Life turns toward the normal side!


I didn't realise how happy I would be to see him out of his cast again. When I saw the photo I had an inner woohoo of joy!

Anna Beth

Yay! Look at that happy face!


So glad that's behind you...and look at that smile!


yippee!!!!! its was 5 weeks?!?!? I guess it flew buy for those just reading about it!!


Hooray! Congrats, buddy! Now you be extra careful and gentle and don't scare your mama, okay??


what a beautiful picture! congrats on the cast coming off....I have a three year old son also and I have been praying mightily that we will not experience a broken femur!!! I know I would not handle it as well as you have Torm!


yay! I'm so glad!

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