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April 24, 2008


Jan C.

Must have been hard on you to listen to the hysterics while they sawed off the cast. Even when you know nothing bad is happening to your child, it's just awful to hear them when they are hurt or terrified, isn't it?!!! But the worst is over. Soon his muscles will be strong again and you'll have him back running all over the place. I'm happy for you!


Im looking forward to the first post when you are talking about him running & jumping every driving you nuts! LOL!

Love the cast in the garbage, adorable!


Congrats on closing this chapter. I can only imagine what you've been through - wait i think I can since I've been on bedrest for over five weeks after hip surgery. I remember reading that this happened right after I had my surgery (like a day or two). I'm impressed that he'll be walkin' before me, LOL! So pleased, and sending lots of continued healing vibes your way!

Steph H

I'm so glad things are slowly returning to normal for you guys!!

sue Treiber

The picture of Brian in the sandbox says it all!
The saw would have sent me over the edge as well.
When I had my first cesarean it was the sound of the suction hose that freaked me out.
Little things that you don't plan for.
Happy Thursday!

Amanda K.

Whew! Over the worst then. And (well...if you lived here) just in time for the good weather!

Alana M

Whew! Glad that is done. I remember taking Sara in to take her wrist cast off when she was 9 and Calvin was 2. THAT was an event I didn't want to repeat. Congrats (so to speak)!


Holy granola, Batman! I could hardly read the rest of the post after having a mild anxiety attack about his choking and Heimlech and full body cast and all. glad all is well. so happy that he is out of his cast! He is too cute. great big hugs to you, Mama. I can only imagine the stress of it all.


Yeah!!! It's almost all just a memory now. Feels great, doesn't it?


So glad things are getting back to normal around your place - finally!

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