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April 25, 2008



soooo exciting to hear he's doing well.


That's fun to hear! It's so encouraging to see their excitement and progress, isn't it?


Wow he's doing great. I remember when our Dan broke the Talus bone in his foot about 6 years ago. He didn't walk or bear weight on that leg for 6 months. I cried when he first started skating again. It looked like he was just learning and he skated since he was 5 years old.
He'll jump back more quickly than a 14 year old will.

Donna Moore

We could all learn a lot from kids! When I was a little over a year old and walking well, I got polio (one of the very last polio kids). The doctors all agreed that I would never walk again. Took me a couple of months to relearn to walk, run, etc. with no sign of a limp! Now I know, if I was told today that I would never walk again, I would not. But I was around 2 and a 2 year old does't think about what they CAN'T do!
So happy the cast is off and you're getting back to normal.

sue Treiber

isn't it amazing the amount of sand that sneaks into the house?
So happy for you and proud of Brian!

Debbi T

So happy to hear Brian's doing better, Sharyn! I just sent a little something off this morning to give him a smile--I was a day late because I had a doctor's appointment that ran late and didn't make it to the post office on time. I hope Brians's back to 100% in no time! Hugs to you guys!

Laura K.

I had to come by and see if the cast came off. Hurray for all that it did! We came home today with our brand new little Maretta Leigh (Lee)! She is a darling, relaxed baby so far, and we are all thrilled with her! Another bonus was thatshe was born on the 23rd, and not the 24th like we all imagined she would be!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

The repetitious excercise has got to be good for him. His muscles will be strengthened in no time. :) That's awesome. I was so glad to hear he's done with the cast. ~ I was actually on here the other day, but got sidetracked by my own dear children before I could comment. So glad things are heading back to 'normal'. That's so awesome for you.

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